Runfessions June – a day late

It’s that time again.  Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I runfess…

I have more time than ever but I have to force myself to blog.  I am running and racing.  I just don’t feel like going on my computer at home.

I used to be on the computer all day at work. Whenever I got to work early or stayed late or even during a break, I would blog.  I’ve blogged almost everyday for 8 years.

I still read your blogs on my iPad so I’m not ignoring you.  And maybe soon I’ll get my blogging mojo back.

I runfess…

Speaking of having more time.  I always said if I didn’t work, I would have time to workout or go to the gym.

Nope, haven’t been once. Haven’t planked nor done yoga nor done push-ups.

I’m an exercise slacker.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been home watching TV (or cleaning my house or even cooking).

I’ve been busy all day.

Tennis at least once a day, sometimes twice.  Errands, catching up with friends, running, racing, walking, hiking.

For the first time since I got my FitBit (in Sept), I had over 10,000 steps for 7 days in a row.

I runfess…

For the first time since I started running, I am playing tennis as often as I run.  Yup, 4 times a week.  But I am sure that I am putting more time into tennis than running.  I play doubles for at least 1 1/2 hours.  My week day runs are only 3-4 miles. Definitely not running for 1 1/2 hours.  And last weekend, I ran two 5k races.  Less than one hour total for 2 days.

Sorry running.  I am cheating on you.


Because tennis is scheduled at a certain time. Unless, I run with someone else, I can procrastinate and go whenever or not go at all.  Plus, running is HARDER!!!!!!!!!! Especially in the summer when it is hot and humid.

I runfess…

I used to wear suits everyday for the job I had for 8 years before my last job.  Now that I hoping to be going on interviews, I thought I might wear one.

Nothing fits!!

In 10 years, my body has failed me.  The pants and skirts are too tight and the jackets are too big.

Does your weight move around?  Or did they always fit like that?

Maybe I should put that battery in my scale (or go to the gym)?

And no, I don’t want to buy new boring clothes. (Odd that I never complain about having to buy new running clothes…)

I runfess…

They say things happen in threes.

So I lost my job.  I lost my car key.

Now the ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon that I signed up for 7 months ago has been cancelled.

They never got a permit for the race so they decided to change it to a yoga weekend with a non-timed fun 5k or 10k group race.

For $100 race fee plus $300 for the hotel and 3 1/2 hours travel time & gas — I don’t think so. (They are giving refunds, Thank God.)

I actually wasn’t that disappointed though I’d love to run a race on Cape Cod someday.

Instead I have several possibilities where I can run 13.1 miles and sleep in my own bad.

There’s a hilly one on August 15 along Lake George, another on Sept. 18 in Saratoga and I already signed up for a new one in Adams, MA on Oct 9.


Happy Running! Anything to runfess?  Ever have a big race cancelled? Ever lose your running or blogging mojo?




14 thoughts on “Runfessions June – a day late

  1. My running mojo stays pretty consistent, but my blogging waivers at times. It is much easier to blog at my desktop (totally a pain to try to do it on my phone…unless I’m away from my house and have a rare light-bulb moment), but sometimes the words/thoughts/creative flow doesn’t happen when I’m in position at my desk….so, yeah. You are staying so active with your tennis- even if you’re running less, I doubt your fitness is suffering 😉


  2. I do so much better blogging at work and commenting. I take breaks and read. I lost my mojo to post awhile ago, still haven’t really got it back.
    My weight does move around. I never use to gain in rear area and now it is just as bad as my middle lol ….good grief. I get sick of battling the weight, I just like to eat.
    You look great!


  3. It sounds as if you’ve been keeping quite busy. And I’m not sure what going to the gym would do for you that you’re not already doing! I know the circumstances are awful and you’d rather be working, but you’re doing a great job making the best of it!! 😀


  4. It sounds like you are still keeping very active and busy- tennis is a tough workout! Yes, blogging can go up and down I agree I try not to stress out it 🙂 I am signed up for Cape Cod too and was looking forward to the half, it still sounds like it would be a fun weekend (stay positive ) 🙂


  5. Blogging and commenting IS sedentary, which is why, years ago, I decided to limit myself to 3 posts per week, and also not sit all morning reading and commenting on other blogs…otherwise, it kind of flies in the face of this whole “healthy living” thing, LOL.

    As for your pants/skirts not fitting, maybe you’ve changed shape by becoming more muscular thanks to all of your running and tennis, because seriously, you look very fit and thin!

    And I’m glad you’re enjoying all the activity. It’s summer – time to play! There will always be a house to clean. Go for the fun stuff right now.


  6. Whaaaat? Those Zooma races are just a mess. We had one here in Chicago and it was a bomb. It’s too bad. But they’re really expensive, and I think that’s a turn off.

    Oh, I’m trying to regain my running mojo. Running with pain and nothing on the calendar isn’t very motivating..


  7. Tennis is such a great sport – don’t feel bad about running, it will welcome you back when you’re in the mood again. 😉 I heard that Zooma race was canceled but hadn’t heard the details – that’s frustrating!


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