Ultimate Coffee Date – March

Since today is the first Saturday in March,  I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date.
The Ultimate Coffee Date

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that my diet is way off this week.

We’ve had 4 software demos at work this week. To entice faculty to come, we give them lunch.  Only a few come and there is so much food left.  I hate to see food go to waste…soup, sandwiches, salad.  That’s not so bad.

But chips and cookies!!!

Oh no! I overindulged!

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that these star offers for Starbucks are killing me.

This week when you order with the mobile app, you get TWO stars.  After 12 stars, you get a free order.

I can’t stop myself.


Have you tried the Butterscotch latte yet?

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that I am very excited. After many years of running with pain, I finally found MY SHOE!! Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10s!!

I admit. I have bunions.  Not big ones but the smaller one hurts…at the beginning, middle and/or end of every run…until now.

I have running shoes that are bearable (Mizunos) so I do wear them because I want to save my PERFECT shoes.

Here’s what they say about Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10s:

…. provides a dreamy combination of soft yet responsive cushioning with lightweight Nike Zoom Air and new, ultra-plush Lunarlon foam.

… in the heel and forefoot delivers lightweight, responsive cushioning at heel-strike and toe-off, helping you reach high speeds, faster.

The lightweight Lunarlon foam midsole softens every stride. It’s firmer in the rearfoot and softer in the forefoot to create a smooth transition.

The Flymesh upper provides smooth, breathable comfort with support where you need it most.

Here’s what I say:

Wide soft toe box = NO PAIN = ALL GAIN!!!

I may not be any faster but my feet are happier.


I bought these in Sept. and wore for my Dec 6 half.


I bought these in Jan. and wore them for my Feb 7 half.


I recently ordered these and will wear for a Spring half.


I just ordered these and am saving them for summer.

And I only paid full price for the first pair. Now when the next model comes out and it is different, I will not be upset.

Does anyone else buy extra pairs when they find a shoe that they love?

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you than I’m almost back to coffee.  I’ve been drinking decaf lattes but in the morning, I’ve switched from herbal tea to chai.  It has caffeine.

I wish mine looked this good…

So I’m on my way baaack.

And I’m not sleeping any worse.

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that my last long run before my next half marathon is tomorrow.


And I will have my 2 running buddies helping me!


And even better news, we’re going out afterwards for lunch/tea/desserts!!

at Tailored Tea

That should make the miles go faster.

Happy Running! What can you share with me today?


12 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – March

  1. In the last couple of months, I bought 4 new pairs of shoes. 1 was just a deal I couldn’t pass up (hello, $45), the other 3 were in the hopes of getting over my ankle pain (still back & forth).

    And now I want to get another pair in green to match the emerald city print . . . my husband just doesn’t understand.

    Chai has more caffeine the herbal tea, but usually less than coffee. I actually like chai a lot.


    • 4 pairs!!! and I thought I was bad. They say 400 miles for a shoe so I figured that would be 2 pairs a year. That’s what I usually buy but I still have pairs from the previous years.

      I didn’t buy the emerald print. It doesn’t go with anything I own – tops, jackets, socks, or shoes. I bought the psyched print and it goes with everything. So we won’t be twins.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, you did buy 4 pairs too. Just over a slightly longer amount of time. Now that I’m tracking the mileage on the shoes again, it’s possible they could last me the entire year. We’ll see. No doubt I’ll buy the green newtons.

        Ah, you have to understand that you don’t need to match colors completely — contrast is a wonderful thing. I have a purple lioness skirt I think the emerald top will go very well with.

        And what makes you think I’m not eyeing the psyched print too? I hadn’t thought of us being twins . . . could still happen!


        • I bet we will someday. I think we have the same colors but in different items. I don’t wear capris or the shorter skirts. But we may match.

          I am hoping for tank & skirt weather on March 13. But for me that’s over 40 degrees. LOL.


  2. I’ve not tried the butterscotch latte but I look at it longingly every time I go. Is it delish? Glad you found a shoe you like. They tried to get me in the Vomero a few years back alas no bueno. Enjoy your long run with friends!


  3. How wonderful to find your perfect pair of shoes! Love all the colors, too! Do you keep track of your mileage on each pair and if so, what’s your magic number before switching to a new pair?


  4. I’m not sure how I missed the butterscotch latte. But yes, I will try it. Maybe today! I love my Mizunos but occasionally will get a pair where the toe box is slightly smaller and it aggravates my left pinky toe. You can get variances within the same model. Have fun today running and at tea!


  5. Isn’t life great when you find the perfect shoe ? I have been wearing Brooks GTS for a few years. Last year, they were out of my size so I bought a size bigger. It has been amazing. So I went out and bought 2 more pairs. I am rotating 2 at the moment and hope to start with my third pair after my big race. The brand / model went on sale in the fall and I had to hold off buying more pairs….


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