Tuesdays on the Run: Race Shirts

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Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
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This week’s topic is Race shirts: Faves and the ones we love to hate.

I have run over 170 races so I have gotten a lot of shirts!! Some I’ve loved and some I’ve never worn again.

I like those race shirts that are practical meaning that I will wear them after the race.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Perfect 10 miler 2014 

This hoodie is made of tech material and I love the color and the fit.  I’ve worn it many times.

  • Mother’s Day bRUNCh 5k 2015

This one is also a tech shirt.  I love the bright color and the design.

  • Adirondack Distance Run 2014

This is the only race shirt that I have gotten that is sleeveless. I wear it often in the summer.

  • Delmar Dash 2014

This one is v-necked, long sleeve and very comfortable.  I also like the colors.

  • Bacon Hill Bonanza 2014

What I like about this short-sleeved shirt besides the color is that it has NO SPONSORS on the back.  I have even worn it to play tennis.

  • Last Run 2010.

This race used to give windbreakers every year. So I also have one in orange, blue, green & yellow.  They are so practical.

  • Walkway Half Marathon 2015


I like this shirt because it is very light and made out of all natural materials.

  • Freihofer’s Run for Women 2012

I love the purple color and the material of this shirt. I have another in green but they have since change the style and material.

  • Great Pumpkin Challenge 2014


This is a great shirt for the fall. I have it in black and yellow, as well.

And which race shirts do I hate?

Well, any one that is unisex.  They do not fit.  The sleeves are too long and they are too big even in a size small.

And any shirt that is 100% cotton.

Most of the shirts that I do not like have been made into a Repat quilt or given to my running buddy.  Sometimes I do wear them to sleep in or clean or garden.


too big






too big!

my bling




Happy Running! Where did you get your favorite race shirt? Why do you love it?


22 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: Race Shirts

  1. Yes, I am bummed that the year I started to run Last Run was the year they stopped giving out windbreakers!

    I haven never had a race tee be a tank.

    Having one without sponsors would be cool, but hey, without the sponsors there would also be far less races or they’d be more expensive.

    I really don’t have a favorite one. I do work out in them a lot (not necessarily run) and I don’t mind the unisex ones for doing strength training sometimes.


  2. You have some pretty cute race shirts! I actually don’t mind a cotton one, as long as it’s a nice shirt design (and I especially love long sleeved cotton shirts for winter). I’ll wear them for casual days…and while I like a good technical race shirt as a momento, I rarely end up with one that is comfortable enough to run in (or isn’t covered front and back with the race logo and then all of the sponsor logos – talk about making you hotter than you need to be!).


  3. the hoodie ‘shirt’ is great! more races should give them out, so much more useful. I can’t say I love any of the shirts ive gotten but the one from my first half is my favorite just because it was my first half 😉


  4. Grrr to unisex shirts! That RnR Brooklyn design is so cool, too bad they didn’t have the women’s fit. I like shirts that are colorful, quality technical fabric, and have a unique design that really highlights the race. I do have one cotton shirt that I like from a pretty pricey 10K in Philly but I couldn’t even tell you where it is!


    • I know with the price of races going up.. I would like to see the cost lower with the option of purchasing a shirt if you like it and want one.


  5. Unisex race t-shirts are one of my biggest pet peeves. I see it as throwing money out the window. You have some great shirts though. I am jealous of your hoodie !


  6. I can’t even imagine how many medals and shirts if you put them all together!
    I love the walkway shirt, it fits you really nice and the Tech pull over is great.
    I have a few long sleeves tech shirts that I love.


  7. I get the concept of having sponsors on the shirts but come on who wants to wear it with a bunch of text all jumbled together? I wish more and more would get away from that and find out how else they can thank the sponsors. I too would love to see more races giving out women’s cuts and tank! I’d even be good with an Iron on to put on my own shirt!


  8. When my kids were younger, they would get some of the unisex ones. Now they are way too big. But if the race runs out of my size (which is highly irritating by the way) I’ll get a large one for one of them. I’m glad I did the quilt. I hope have one made with just half marathon shirts in the future. I like the idea of the wind breaker!


  9. I have been compiling my daughter’s XC and 5K shirts to make a quilt for her graduation present, but had never considered making one for myself. Doh. Thanks for the idea. I do wear a lot of my race shirts but there are some that are particularly special that I’d like to keep longer.


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