Tuesdays on the Run: Race Shirts

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
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This week’s topic is Race shirts: Faves and the ones we love to hate.

I have run over 170 races so I have gotten a lot of shirts!! Some I’ve loved and some I’ve never worn again.

I like those race shirts that are practical meaning that I will wear them after the race.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Perfect 10 miler 2014 

This hoodie is made of tech material and I love the color and the fit.  I’ve worn it many times.

  • Mother’s Day bRUNCh 5k 2015

This one is also a tech shirt.  I love the bright color and the design.

  • Adirondack Distance Run 2014

This is the only race shirt that I have gotten that is sleeveless. I wear it often in the summer.

  • Delmar Dash 2014

This one is v-necked, long sleeve and very comfortable.  I also like the colors.

  • Bacon Hill Bonanza 2014

What I like about this short-sleeved shirt besides the color is that it has NO SPONSORS on the back.  I have even worn it to play tennis.

  • Last Run 2010.

This race used to give windbreakers every year. So I also have one in orange, blue, green & yellow.  They are so practical.

  • Walkway Half Marathon 2015


I like this shirt because it is very light and made out of all natural materials.

  • Freihofer’s Run for Women 2012

I love the purple color and the material of this shirt. I have another in green but they have since change the style and material.

  • Great Pumpkin Challenge 2014


This is a great shirt for the fall. I have it in black and yellow, as well.

And which race shirts do I hate?

Well, any one that is unisex.  They do not fit.  The sleeves are too long and they are too big even in a size small.

And any shirt that is 100% cotton.

Most of the shirts that I do not like have been made into a Repat quilt or given to my running buddy.  Sometimes I do wear them to sleep in or clean or garden.


too big






too big!

my bling




Happy Running! Where did you get your favorite race shirt? Why do you love it?