Tuesdays on the Run: The Agony of DNF, DNS

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is the Agony of DNF, DNS

I am been lucky. I have never had a DNF.

I have finished a race with a stress fracture, a broken foot and bloody knees.

Mastodon Challenge 5K

But I have had several cases of DNS.

  • Travel-Related

This past March, my flight was cancelled and I missed a 5K race in Palm Springs, CA.

I was angry and disappointed. But things were out of my control.  I felt bad for my friend Mary but it turned out that she wasn’t feeling well anyway and didn’t run the race.

I didn’t get to race but I did get to run with Mary several times during my trip.


This past June, my flight was cancelled on my way back from Colorado.  So I missed a 10 mile race.  The race is one of my favorites and I was bummed.

I ran the next day in a scenic area instead. It helped mentally (may be a little).


  • Injury-Related

These are the worst.

Luckily I didn’t miss any big races while I had a strained achilles, a broken ankle, a stress fracture or a broken foot.

But I did DNS at just a few races that I signed up for early.

Not running because of an injury bothered me a lot more than missing a race.

  • Weather-Related

I think I skipped one or two 5k races where it was pouring.  I’m a weather whimp when it comes to rain.

Happy Running! Have you has any DNS or DNF races?



15 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: The Agony of DNF, DNS

  1. No DNS or DNFs so far, knock on wood. I will move around runs, when I can, due to weather, but I’ve also had a few epic training runs in bad weather — thunderstorms! Shoveling the driveway then running 10 miles!


    • You are lucky. I haven’t had any DNSs for big races but you run as many races as I do and I register way in advance, you’re bound to. The airline disasters really pissed me off though. Now I leave earlier but it’s makes the race more inconvenient.


  2. I also have not had any DNFs yet (knock on wood). I powered through a half marathon with an ITB issue…I don’t think I can let myself DNF. I have definitely DNS….one time at least that I can think of, and it was because I was young and dumb and drank too much the night before. Oooppss.


  3. Technically I have missed races I intended to run, but couldn’t because of injury, but I had not officially signed up. Hmm, I wonder if I am remembering right, but I think every thing I paid I ran even if it was slow.
    Your knee looked painful, you are tough to keep running.


  4. you’re so hard core to run through a broken foot and bloody knees! i was a no-show for a half in Queens two years ago because i was just nahhhht into it, and i had to defer a marathon last year (and run it this year, so that was a yay!) b/c of an injury. i think i no-showed a Turkey Trot last year as well b/c of the freezing cold.


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