Thinking out Loud Thursday: Half Marathon #16

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…

The only thing on my mind is my half marathon on Sunday!!!

Of course, there are many things to worry about…

  • Travel delays… (and I’ve had my share.)

I leave tomorrow at 5:30 am and arrive in West Palm around 11:30 am. My friend F. will meet me at the airport. We’ll go to the expo and pick up my bib.  Then we’ll drive back to her place in Delray. I’ll spend Friday & Saturday in Delray relaxing.


last January in Delray but I relaxed POST race which is much more desirable

florida jan 2015 (36)

bird watching at Wakodahatchee

On Saturday evening, I am meeting my friend M. & her hubby for dinner and they’ll drive me to my hotel in West Palm.


at dinner last January

  • Logistics of getting to the race

My hotel is 1.6 miles from the race.  I’m not sure if I am walking or catching a cab. The race begins at 6:30 am.  I am excited that someone I know is also running this race.  I’ll be glad to see a friendly face, Judith. (At least before & after.  During.  Nope. She will smoke me if though she’s just doing it as a training run for her upcoming marathon.)

  • Weather on Race Day

I was very lucky on my 3 previous Florida races.  For all 3, the weather was PERFECT (dry, cool & sunny). Usually Florida is very humid and it could be warm.  Or it could be rainy and windy.  It’s out of my control.  Fingers crossed on this.


However, so far, it’s looking like WARM, HUMID, WINDY  & WET!!!! (for all 4 days that I’m there 😦 )

In fact, I was listening to the weather today and they said that there would a front stalled over the east coast of Florida and would drop as much rain there this weekend as they normally get in the whole month.  Lovely thought!

My friends here say DON’T GO!! Would you bail?

  • What to wear?

First World Problem, right?

Well, it depends on the weather.

I’ll be checking a jacket (& umbrella) from before the race. Most likely, I’ll wear a tank & skirt. No Hokas this time but my Nikes.


tough decision but chose exotic print & peekaboo skirt from Skirtsports (for the next one in Feb, I’ll wear the tantrum print)

  • How I feel during the race itself

Will my lower back hurt?  How long will it take for my feet to hurt?

I will try to relax and enjoy the race no matter what how long it takes me to finish.

My friend G. will meet me after the race at the finish line or hotel and we’ll drive to her place in Jupiter. I will spend the rest of Sunday & then Monday recuperating in Jupiter.


last January walking along the beach in Jupiter

G. will drive me to the airport in West Palm. My flight leaves around 5 pm on Monday. (If it is cancelled, I will not be sad.)

Race Goals?

I won’t go into my past half marathon experiences again.  You can read about them HERE.

This race was a spur of the moment decision.  I got an email and it fit into my 15k training schedule.

And now the time has arrived. So here’s what I hope for:

A. Finish under 2:18
B. Finish faster than Brooklyn (2:25:47)
C. Finish under 2:30
D. Finish upright and wanting to do another.

I hope that I am this happy when I am done 🙂

Happy Running! What are you thinking about today?

Have a nice weekend. I’ll be back posting again on Tuesday.





10 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud Thursday: Half Marathon #16

  1. I’ve run 2 Florida halfs (with my 3rd coming up in March) and the weather is really a crap shoot. My last one, 3 years ago was so humid. I really struggled. I didn’t pace myself well. Lesson learned.

    No matter what the weather, I am jealous. It sure is better than winter here! Good luck!


  2. Sorry about the weather forecast. Sometimes they get it wrong! I don’t mind rain if it’s warm like that though; it can feel good (although I’m not sure how it would feel for 13.1).

    At the very least we get to relax, get some warmth, and have good food with good friends.

    Here’s to a pain free race.


  3. Good luck! Sounds like it will be an awesome trip…visiting many friends and a race. Does it get any better? Not in my book. Looking forward to your post race report!


  4. I hate when weather looms over our fun race plans! I hope it turns out well for you. I have a race again, no rain , but the wind has kicked up here and cold finally, so it’ll be different for me lol I have not really run in cold yet.


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