Monday Running Update

spring 2015 monday
Last Week: 

  • Monday– I squeezed in a short walk at work and then after work, went to my 8th Troy Turkey Trot training group run. We met at our new meeting spot, the State Office Campus. Stan subbed for Patrick as our coach so I was able to skip the speed drills (8 1 minute sprints).



actually intervals at State Office Campus – 3 miles

  • Tuesday – Just a normal work day with a lunchtime walk (before the rain) and played 1 1/2 hours of tennis followed by dinner out.


  • Wednesday Today I had the day off from work.  My STEM run with Kelly got cancelled because she was off from work and could run with the group (so she didn’t need me.) I almost ran a 5k race but the rain saved me from this insanity. So I waited for the rain to stop and ran by myself, did some errands and went to a yoga class.  Yes, yoga for the first time in almost a year!!!

damp and dreary and NO leaves on the trees 😦


loved it and bought a 5 class pass so I will be motivated to go again.

  • Thursday – Had a busy work day but walked in the rain during lunch (to get some Starbucks 🙂 ) and ran 3 miles after work on the treadmill. UGH!!

hated it!!

  • Friday – Rest day so only a walk at work and then an evening of mah jongg.
  • Saturday – I got up early to do my long run. It was cold, sleeting at times, windy…awful weather. I ran 5 miles by myself and then met Judy for 6 more miles.  It was so nice to have company to make the miles less painful and the weather more bearable.


  • Sunday – The hubby & I took the bus to NYC.  We walked the High Line (cuz he had never been) and then had lunch in Chelsea at an Italian restaurant. Walked back to 42nd St and saw Lord of the Dance  – fabulous!!!


More details on the weekend in tomorrow’s post.

20.6 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:  (2 weeks until Half Marathon)

  • Monday-  3 mile run (with the Turkey Trot Training group), mall walk with BFF
  • Tuesday – tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run with my STEM client (her last one before the race on Saturday), hair appt.
  • Thursday –  4 mile run
  • Friday –  mah jongg
  • Saturday – 5k race + 8 more miles.
  • Sunday REST
I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


18 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. Gotta get myself out that door & run & I just don’t want to. But I know I’ll feel better afterwards.

    Second apple crisp was much better. Although I’m a bit fearful of my weigh in this week, but that’s life.


  2. Mileage wise – great week! Sleeting, not so fun, but you don’t regret doing it I bet 🙂
    I finally ran my race 🙂 and it was perfect weather here, sorry I couldn’t share it with you!


  3. Cold and sleet? Brrrr… I just had to fight the wind. Running with a buddy would definitely help in bad conditions! The red and gold mums in your pic are so pretty. My two favorite colors. It looks like you had a nice date with the hubs. I appreciate you linking with us Darlene!


  4. I hate treadmills too. I’d much rather be out on the trail, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t agree. But if I have to run more than 3 miles, that’s it… I’m out on the trail regardless of the weather. 🙂


  5. no sleet (yet) in Iowa, but our weather today was very similar to what you described. Cold, a little wind, and lots of damp yuck. And, I got hit with surprise cold (?) late yesterday, so I’m really feeling icky. Lord of the Dance????? I am SO jealous 😉


  6. Sounds like a good week. I hate running in the rain, hate it even more with sleet. Good for you ! I signed up for yoga again for 8 classes… have only been once since September but hope to go again tonight.


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