Not So Solo Long Run

maybe next year

I had a 5K on my schedule for today but since I ran a 10K race last weekend and I plan to run a 5K race next weekend, I decided to skip it.

Instead I set out to run 10 solo miles.

I headed to the Nisky Bike Path.  Last week, I ran on the Corning Bike Path and I like to do my long runs in a different place each weekend.  They are painful enough.  At least the scenery will be varied thus more interesting.

It was cool in the morning but I procrastinated at home and it was warm by the time I got there.


the beginning of my run heading toward Schenectady

I guess a lot of running groups were out today.  I was hardly alone.

There were bikers, runners, dog walkers, skateboarders, etc. And everyone waved and smiled.

So I didn’t run with a group but I was hardly alone.

But I did get to choose my route, my show pace and when to stop and walk.


I continued to Lock 7 and then beyond – many views of the Mohawk river

I was going to turn around here at 2.5 miles as I usually do but decided to go to 5 miles and see where it took me.


nice and shady for a short while


a tempting place to take a break – but I didn’t

Finally I approached Blatnik hill and walked up it.  Since I had a lot more miles to run, I didn’t want to risk it by running up that hill.


view from the hill

This is as far as I have ever gone but I continued until I hit 5 miles.

It got hillier and so I walked more and it was definitely less scenic.


Eventually I approached some GE buildings and turned around.

The run wasn’t easy. They never are for me. I struggled the last few miles and my walking increased.

The good news is that my feet didn’t hurt as much as last week and I didn’t get any blisters.


10 miles done!! 5 weeks to go!!

I rewarded my Hokas with new Hokas!!

since they are an old model, they gave it to me for half off and I had a $25 coupon – cant beat that!

Tomorrow is a needed rest day and 2 days on the lake!  WooHoo!


Preview: it will Christmas on Log Bay tomorrow

Happy Running! Any running or racing plans for this Labor Day weekend?



7 thoughts on “Not So Solo Long Run

  1. That looks like a very nice place to run. I don’t have anything like that around here. Good job on getting the 10 miles done! We have been on the lake once this weekend and plan to go back today.


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