Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Breaking All the Rules

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

And here’s what I am thinking…

You bloggers may hate me, but I don’t follow the rules:

  • Stretching.

I don’t stretch. If I am at home, I open the door and start running. Otherwise, I drive to my route, get out of the car and start running.


in my driveway and ready to go

After my run, I just hop in the shower and go to work or hop in my car and drive home or to wherever.


done and time to go home

  • Gadgets and Running-Related Stuff.

Besides not stretching, I don’t even own a foam roller, or a stick or KT tape.

I will use one if it will make my body look like this

Knock on wood, I haven’t needed them yet.

  • Chafing.

I have never experienced it. So I don’t have Body Glide and don’t use anything like that to prevent chafing.

  • Running Plans.

I have never really used one.  That’s not to say that I don’t plan my runs. I do.

But I don’t use a formal plan which means I don’t do hill repeats, intervals, temp runs, etc.

I run several times during the week, usually 3-4 miles and do whatever I feel like. (It’s usually pretty slow with lots of walking.) If I am training for a half marathon, I try to run longer on the weekend, increasing each week’s distance by one mile until I get to 12. I also run races which tends to mess up my training.

wp half

Voila – this got me to a PR

  • Healthy Food.

I’ve never had a protein shake nor have I made a smoothie.

Before a race, I eat 3 packets of this:

I don’t want to look at the ingredients. I am sure they are all artificial

After a run, I love this:

oh so healthy, I know.

or something similar to this:

ice cream

is there protein in this?

  • Electrolytes.

Just plan H2O for me.  I don’t add Nuun to my water nor do I drink Gatorade. So far, water works for me.


an old pic like circa 2010. I am thinner and wearing shorts!

  • Solo Runner.

I usually run alone.  It’s easier because I can run wherever and whenever it is convenient for me.  I can run at whatever pace and distance I feel like. (I do like to run with others, though.)


getting it done at lunch


Ok, I’m not a total running loser.

  • I have a Garmin GPS watch.  I wear it to all my races and check my paces on it.


  • I eat Gu as fuel whenever I run more than 4 miles.

  • I have lots and lots of running shoes.

my latest…still looking for THE pair…

  • I wear running skirts and love them.

my newest skirt from SkirtSports

  • I have a race belt that holds my bib and carries my phone.


  • I read running magazines.

but why do they always wear skimpy running shorts on the cover?

  • I have joined Running Groups.

I have enjoyed them.  Running with others makes the time go by faster.  It also motivates you to run at a faster pace.


Freihofer’s training group

  • I run a lot of races each year.

Last year it was 31. It may be even more this year.


finishing my last 5k

Speaking of races, I have another 5k tomorrow night.


August 7, 2015 6:30 pm Central Park, Schenectady

I’m not a fan of evening races so we’ll see how it goes.  Just hoping for NO PAIN and a finish under 30 minutes.  Would be extra happy with an Age Group Award!!

Happy Running! What are you thinking about?  Are you a rule breaker?



10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Breaking All the Rules

  1. I can be a rule breaker. BTW, there’s no firm opinion on stretching for runners. I have to stretch or I get all tight. But some people just don’t need to, and that’s ok too. Like you, I don’t follow a training plan really, EXCEPT for marathon training. The motto is respect the distance, and there’s a reason for that.

    Nice post!


  2. I envy that you’ve never had to use BodyGlide. That would be awesome to never chafe!!!

    I can be a rule breaker, too. I’m not nearly as good about stretching as I should be! But I have been fighting some injuries so my body lets me know in no uncertain terms when it needs stretching!


  3. I think running is one of those things where you just have to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t and go with that. There are literally SO many extras you can tag on to the sport, but at the end of the day, you only need a few core things to get the job done. Oh… and my preferred fuel of choice for runs is jelly beans or gummy candy. So there’s that 😉


  4. Oh I love this post. I am also a rule breaker! The only time I needed Body Glide was when I had my Halt dog spray hooked into my skirt touching my skin. It ended up chaffing me, but that was the only time. I do hope you won an AG group award last night. You certainly have a full race calendar!


  5. Omg, I am jealous lol if I break the rules I pay with a lot of pain. I really can’t skip a warm up or stretching,my knees won’t tolerate it.
    I must have protein or I get sore. Usually about 20 to 30g is perfect after a hard workout, I swear I am less sore. You must have some really good genes.


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