Care For Kids 5K Race Recap


in Chestertown, NY

I signed up for this race because I didn’t feel ready to “Race the Train,” a hilly 8.4 mile  trail race. I also have run in this area and love the scenery.

I have friend who lives nearby. I could sleep at her house the night before if I didn’t want to sleep on our boat (which is 15 minutes away.)

Because I have run here before, even though it said that it was mostly flat, I know that there are hills.

You could park near the finish and take the shuttle to the start or vice versa.

Suse Q’s Sunshine Cafe – the finish. I have eaten here. They have awesome breakfasts.

drying out at the Sunshine (how ironic) Cafe

So the day before the race, I spent a relaxing day on Lake George with my hubby and friends.


at a dock on a island


then in the bay

We got back to the marina late and then went out to dinner.  I ate way too much (chicken parm & pasta) and ate it too late. I was planning to go to sleep at my friend’s house but was too pooped so I slept on our boat.

Race day morning, I woke up early and had breakfast with this view:


Then I drove the the race start.


I was pretty early so I just hung out watching everyone arrive.


Yes, these racers were dressed at the Mario Bros.

Little did I know then every camp in the area was participating…lots and lots of KIDS!!


the campers were wearing the green race shirt

I bumped into a runner from my area that I had never met.  We became fast friends since we run most of the same races.  She may even run more than me (if that’s possible.)

So we started together but I quickly lost her.

I should say that I couldn’t even eat a GU before the race.  I was still full from last night’s dinner.  I also wore my old running shoes (I am not uncomfortable racing in my new Hokas.)

Both of those things may have contributed to my lackluster performance in this race. It was also hot and humid.

Running behind a bunch of inexperienced runners (namely the campers) got me off to a slow start.  And my legs felt like cement.  Immediately, my foot that hasn’t hurt in weeks started to hurt (Damn those old shoes!!).

But the course was very pretty.  You ran along the Schroon River for most of the race.




It was a slight uphill but nothing terrible.  It was warm and I already needed a break before mile 1 so I stopped at the first water stop.


Then we ran over a bridge with more river views to follow.  I never felt like I could move fast.  Maybe it was the heat but I stopped to walk again before mile 2.

IMG_6383 By mile 3, my legs were absolutely dead. I walked several more times and was glad to finally reach the finish line standing.

I crossed at 29:27 – my slowest 5k this year (except the GOTR one with my running buddy.)


mile 1 – 9:16
mile 2 – 9:24
mile 3 – 9:48
.14 – 8:24

c4k5k Believe it or not, I still won 3rd in my age group.  It’s great being old sometimes.

IMG_6388 I had an ice pop which tasted refreshing and decided not to take the bus back to the start but to run instead.

It was a slow one but I didn’t care. I just ran to enjoy the scenery.  I got back to my car, ate a jelly donut (now I was starved) and ran a little more so I could end the day with 7 miles (I had planned for 8 but decided to quit anyway.)

I then drove to my friend’s house nearby, had lunch and spent several hours with her.

 I ended the day back on our boat on Lake George to make a full circle for the weekend.

IMG_5874 Running + boating = a great weekend.

It wasn’t the race that I wanted and I’m not sure this course merits a repeat but I never regret a race.

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