Busy Weekend Ahead


last ride

Now that boating is over, you would think I would have some free time…


Saturday, I am running this 10K race.

It takes place in Saratoga National Park and it is a race that I’ve wanted to do since I started running but something has always gotten in the way.

photo from last year

They have a NEW flatter 5k course which is very tempting but since I have a 10 mile run in ONE WEEK, I think the longer distance would be wiser.

10K history:

  • 2012 – Camp Chingachgook – 1:09:07 (covering from ankle surgery)
  • 2013 – Hmrrc Winter Series #3 – 1:08:18
  • 2013 – Helper’s Fund  – 1:06:10
  • 2013 – Monster Scramble  – 1:03:18 (it was short!)
  • 2014 – Spring Run Off  -1:00:51 PR
  • 2014 – Camp Chingachgook – 1:04:54

As you can see, I don’t run many 10ks.

I usually train for half marathons by running long on the weekend.  With 5Ks, I just wing it.  But for 10ks, you want to run fast but not burn out.  So who knows how this will go.  I will try to go out slow and save some for the second half.

comfort zone

I have been getting better at the 5K distance but I still struggle with anything over that. I know I can win my age group with the 5K… most likely not with the 10K.

A 10K will be out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes a good thing.


  • Run most it.
  • Pace under 10 min/mile for most miles.
  • Beat my last 10K time (1:04:54). A PR would be a real stretch. A age group award would be a bigger stretch (the speedy older women do this one).
  • Finish strong and uninjured.
  • Enjoy the race.

After the race, I hope to run a few more miles before getting home.

would love to see this…

Maybe I will try to squeeze in some time with the hubby (dinner & a movie?)

On Sunday, I plan to watch AJH compete in a duathlon.

last year during the running portion

I did it for the past two years and really enjoyed it.

2 years ago (in the rain) during the biking part

This year it will take place at a new location. I have never been there so it should be fun.

After the duathlon, I am taking Amanda (my mentee) and her sons on our annual visit to Ellms Family Farm.

It is always a good time for all.

Happy Running! Anything exciting planned for the weekend?



3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Ahead

  1. Good luck Darlene! I tend to shy away from the 10ks so they are not in my comfort zone either(they hurt as much as a 5k but they are twice as long)! I have one in 2 weeks in beautiful Callaway Gardens, one of the very few I do every year. ENJOY.


  2. 10Ks are awesome! It’s my favorite race distance, and I just wish there were more of them!

    This weekend, I am doing a group run for ZOOMA, attending the grand opening of the new Biggest Loser Resort, taking birthday photographs for my friend and going to a football game. It’s going to be jam-packed and tons of fun!

    Good luck on your race!


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