My Only Un-Interrupted Long Run

Un-interrupted because all my others and upcoming runs have been part of races.

Actually the run wasn’t that long but it felt like a marathon.

I  hadn’t run at all since Tuesday so my legs should have been fresh.  They weren’t.  They ached and felt like lead right from the beginning. Even my back & shoulders were sore.

My hubby went up North to our boat.  It was cloudy and breezy so I decided to stay home and go up tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ve been on the Nisky bike path since training for my half marathon in Match so I drove there.

The weather was perfect for running  60s with a breeze. They were many bikers and a few runners.

I decided to head west toward Lock 7 and then turn around and head east.  I had planned for 8-9 miles.


still not looking like fall

I dragged myself along trying not to stop and walk too much.


this pumpkin patch…made me watch something pumpkiny

I got to Lock 7 my usual turn around (about 2 1/4 miles) and watched the boats go through the lock.



As I was heading back, I noticed a trail through the woods so I followed it.


Lo and behold, the bike path continues…


Who knew?

There were places to sit…


Many hiking  trails to take…


and this would make bikers happy:


patch kit, pump, band aids and other stuff..

This part of the path will be really pretty when the leaves change and when the leaves fall so you can see the river better.


And I mentioned my legs were shot…I decided to run/walk as far as I could and then turn around and go back.


Here there was a hill that lead to another bike path, I think.  I walked up it to get a better view.


Then I ran down it to continue on the path I was already on.


Eventually my path did end and I turned around and continued back.

I made one detour instead of going up to the Lock again.

sept 20

In the end, I dragged myself to 8.5 miles. (My pace was 3 min. slower than my 5K race pace and 2 minutes slower than my 10 mile race pace!!!)

It is days like this that make me wonder how I ever ran a 10k or a 15K  and even 9 half marathons!!!

And I have no weather excuses…I wasn’t hungry.  I had a gu before and another after 4 miles.

I felt a lot better after I had a pumpkin pie ice cream cone at Stewarts.

Then I went to Target to fulfill my pumpkin cravings.


The positives:

I found a new running route.

I don’t have to worry about another un-interrupted long run.  I have 5k races Sept 28, Oct 4, Oct 11 and a 10k on Oct 18.  Then my big 10 mile race is Oct 26!!

Happy Running! What type of food do you like for the fall? 



5 thoughts on “My Only Un-Interrupted Long Run

  1. You’ve never been up Blatnick hill before? That’s still the bike path, I believe . . . and it goes past GE & then some . . . there are more hills after Blatnick, but that’s the steepest, longest one.

    Long runs should be slow!


  2. What a nice unexpected find on your running adventure……a new, to you, trail. I hope you go back when the leaves are turning those gorgeous fall colors and snap a picture or two. My favorite fall food, the one that says “YES, it’s finally feeling like fall”, is banana bread and chai tea.


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