Parrotsheads, tennis friends, and the Adirondacks

Back on February 14, I ordered my hubby & I tickets to a concert on our Bucket List:


July 19, 2014 at Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass

And the day finally arrived.

Of course, it was beautiful boating weather and the same weekend as a tennis weekend on Schroon River.

Plus, our friends were had planned to go, backed out and my  hubby and I were going solo to Xfinity Center, Mass (2h40m away.)

I started the day, of course, with a run.  I decided that even though it wasn’t a long run, I would go to the bike path.  I got to see a lot of familiar faces and it was very relaxing…no pressure…not training for anything.


At the last minute, I decided to book a room at a nearby hotel for the night. That way we could enjoy the concert fully.

We left around noon, checked into our hotel and then headed to the concert lot where all the tailgaters were.  Most of them had been there since 11 am and the concert didn’t start until 8 pm!!

Since we didn’t arrive until 4 pm, we were in lot 13 (out of 13) but still we met lots of people and had a blast.


yes, may tailgaters had elaborate displays


one even had a DJ


this guy made his truck into a sailboat


me & the hubby


these ladies were next to us

Eventually it was time to head to our seats.  We had seats but not inside.  Well, the concert didn’t disappoint.


started with a double rainbow – no rain 🙂


The sound was great and everyone stood & danced & sang to every song for almost 3 hours.

Best concert ever!

Our hotel was not nice but convenient.  We crashed around midnight and got up and left at 7 am.

Even though I had little sleep, I headed north to Chestertown (on the Schroon River) to be with my tennis friends (our Tues tennis group). Everyone had been there since yesterday and some had even left already.


They had just finished playing tennis by the time I got there.


But I had lunch with them and hung out by the river for the rest of the day.


Since I had just arrived today, when everyone left, I decided to stay overnight.  I had taken Monday off from work.

The first thing I did was go for a walk – a 2 mile loop.



I had dinner in Bolton Landing with friends at our marina, took a walk to the Sagamore and then slept at my friend’s house on Schroon River.


sunset on Lake George

I was very excited the next morning to go for a run.  I do it every year and I love running in this area.


breakfast on the Schroon River

Unfortunately I left my Garmin home and the battery was low on my iPhone.  So I decided to do my safe 5 mile loop to Brant Lake and back.


Schroon River



Brant Lake


love waterlilies…Monet in my former life


On the way back, I was so distracted by the scenery that I missed a turn and wound up in the middle of nowhere (with no GPS).  I asked someone who was driving by and he assured me that I would eventually end up back if I followed the road I was on and turned right.


found a small park on the way

I was pretty nervous but I did end up back coming from the opposite direction.  Not sure how far out of the way I ran/walked but at least 1/2 mile.

After my run, I packed up and headed for my day on the lakes.


Schroon Lake

There are several lakes and I decided to visit a few starting with Schroon Lake because there is a great creperie where I wanted to have lunch.

IT CLOSED!!!! So I ate lunch at a coffee shop instead.


it was good but it was a poor substitute for those delicious crepes

I walked around town for a while and then headed back and stopped at Loon Lake.


I stopped and read by the water until I finished my book (Orange is the New Black).

Then I went into town (Chestertown) where I bought a baby gift and a pair of sandals on sale.



My day was complete when it ended with a root beer float (with maple soft ice cream.)

Happy Running! Ever get lost while running?





4 thoughts on “Parrotsheads, tennis friends, and the Adirondacks

  1. What a lovely weekend! Beautiful photos, running and time spend with husband and friends! A little envious of the Jimmy Buffett concert, I have never been to one. Looks like a lot of fun.


  2. Fantastic weekend! I did get lost running. It was in Pinehurst, NC and I was doing some mega-mile marathon training run. I had to call the hubby to come find me. Ugh.


  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend.

    A couple of years ago we were in Williamsburg. I ran through Willism & Mary campus, which was beautiful, but got totally lost on the way back. I have a terrible sense of direction! But it usually ends well; I asked someone on the street & they got me headed in the right direction. But the stress made me run faster!

    I once got terribly lost in Prague, but no running involved that time. Just really sticks in my memory!


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