A Random Friday Five

This week I’m linking up with CynCourtney and Mar’s Friday Five for the first time.

This one is a freebie.  It’s a pick your own topic Friday.

So here we go:


I was a French teacher for 22 years.  I loved my job but decided to switch to a new discipline: technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all things techie, but it would have been so nice to be a runner when I was a teacher.

have the summer off and be able to run whenever and wherever = heaven


I am planless and it’s killing me.  I always plan everything especially running.  I don’t know when and what my next half marathon is.  As a result, I don’t have my long runs planned.

HM #7 plan

HM #8 plan


Speaking of half marathons, I am still eating like I am training for one. First, my training was the excuse.  Then it was my birthday celebrations followed by my trip to Florida.  Now it’s summer and I love ice cream.  I am lucky with the help of genetics, I am still thin but my clothes are TIGHT and I think there’s at least an extra 5 pounds there somewhere (actually I know where – my stomach, butt & hips)

my weakness

I was thinner when I started running. I had to give away those shorts in the photo below. Now I wear looser, longer running skirts. I am a faster and stronger runner (You can’t have everything…)


Betar Byway 5K



I work full-time and my weekends are precious.  So far we have been lucky.  The last few weekends, we have had gorgeous weather.  It has rained everyday this week. I still managed to squeeze in 3 runs between the raindrops. But this weekend, the forecast is for sunny and dry. YAY!

In between, doing household chores, I plan to be running and boating.



5. NYC

It’s no secret, I Love New York. I try to go there several times a year.


the High Line

Christmas time

I was there in Oct, Nov and Dec but not since.

I am going back next Thursday – Can’t wait! I think we are going to Staten Island.

I still want to run or race in NYC  at some point!!

Happy Running! Have a great weekend!




8 thoughts on “A Random Friday Five

  1. I was interested to read you need a plan for running. Especially because I never have a plan. I run 4 four times a week, but I don’t really have a goal. I just run because I know it’s good for me, and without my run my day is like an egg without the salt!


  2. And just another reason to be envious . . . I am cursed with bad genetics; one of those people who merely has to look at food to gain weight.

    I, too, love NYC – but very rarely get there. Last time was shortly after we moved here 5 yrs ago. My husband is not terribly fond of it.


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