National Running Day


I am older than most, if not all, running bloggers.

But when I run or race, I feel that we are on an equal playing field.  Of course, younger runners usually run faster.  (So do some older runners.) However, I do beat many runners that are younger than me.  And that makes me feel good.  At the ripe old age of 61, I feel that I can still get faster and stronger.

Spring Run Off 10K

a recent 10K (PR of 1:00:51)


a recent 5K (course PR of 28:14)

So today, I will definitely run. I am not sure where or how far or how fast. But I will run.

A few years ago on this day, I posted the reasons “WHY I RUN”:


  • because it makes me feel good
  • because it makes me feel healthy
  • because it makes me feel active
  • because it gives me time to be alone
  • because it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • because it makes me feel young
  • because it makes my day start better
  • because it makes a bad day end better
  • because it helps me  enjoy the fresh air and the scenery
  • because I have met awesome people who are runners
  • to inspire others to become runners
  • so that I can eat more ice cream and desserts
  • so I can listen to music I like as loud as I like
  • as fast or slow as I want
  • until I feel like stopping
  • wherever I choose
  • alone or with thousands of others
  • to support a cause
  • to get a medal
  • to a get a tech shirt
  • because I can

They are all still valid.




Happy Running!  Did you run today?  Why do you run?


4 thoughts on “National Running Day

  1. Last year I ran my first ever race, I had never run before. I realised then, and still do now, that you will always have internal battles with others on road. That day, and many races thereafter my battle was with a guy who had a veteran 75 badge on his running shirt, which means he is either 75 or over. I am 32. Boy could that man could run, and boy did I feel like I had won the race when at the last KM I managed to catch up to him. I actually shouted YES! and got a strange look from him. He is the guy I look out for on the road now when I run… I often see him just plodding along at a such a good pace, happily cheering on others usually as he passes them. I want to be like him, lapping the younger kids on races when I get to 75! 🙂


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