Bacon Hill Bonanza 5K Race Report

bacon hill

I am not sure why I registered for the 10K instead of the 5k.  Maybe cuz they were both the same price or that it was more worth the drive.

10 K

Anyway, the 10K would be downhill for the first half and then uphill for the last half  but the 5k was an out and back and would be mostly flat.


So I changed my mind. I switched to the 5K and then planned to run 3 miles after.

This was a new race for me.  There were other closer races but first place male and female winners for each age group (5 year increments) would receive a homemade pie, second place age group winners homemade cookies, and third place homemade muffins. The finish line would also feature homemade chili and other goodies for all runners. Enough of an incentive for me.

The race started at 10 am which was good since it would be an hour minute drive.

Again the weather was tricky. What to wear? It was cool in the morning (low 40s) but scheduled to warm up to the 60s.  I opted for a long sleeve shirt (the one I got from last week’s race), skirt & compression socks. I brought a jacket just in case.


I got to the race early and found a parking spot in a field next to the church.  The race started at the church  in the town of Bacon Hill, a small farming town with awesome scenery. (It reminded me of Vermont.)




This was the second year for this race but the first year for the 10K.  There were a little over 200 for the 5k and a little over a 100 for the 10K (nice numbers for a small town race.) I bumped into a lady from my age group that I know from previous races but she was running the 10K.  It seemed that the faster runners were doing that one.  Good for me!!

It was chilly.  First I had my jacket on, then I put my race shirt over my other shirt and then I put them both back in my car. (Right move, it got warm!)


love the pink tech shirt, men got neon green

I hung out and started chatting with a guy and his wife.  They were from my town and we have done most of the same races.

First there was the kids race – one mile.  They were so cute. I told the organizers about my running buddy and they gave me this medal (I usually mail him my race shirts but I doubt he would want a pink women’s shirt.)


Soon it was time for the race to start. The pastor read a prayer and the church bells rang and we were off.

The 5k  was an out and back.  The 10k veered to the right and supposed had hills and breath taking views.

I decided to go out fast.  I have have negative splits so why try.  It wasn’t as flat as I thought.  The hills were bad but I felt like I was running up.  I didn’t walk up any!!

There were volunteers on the course calling out times. I occasionally glanced down at my Garmin to make sure I was running in the 9’s. Eventually we turned around and head back….INTO THE WIND!!!  Tough running into the wind for 1.5 miles but again I didn’t stop for water and I didn’t walk up any  hills.  I just pushed myself.  I even found myself passing people.

As I approached the finish line, I realized that not only was I under 30 minutes, I could finish under 29 minutes.  Unfortunately I had no gas left and I barely made it.  Not sure what my official finish time was but my Gamin says: 28:53!! I was pleased.  First 5k under 30 minutes since last November.

I immediately made a bee line for the chocolate milk.  Boy was it good.  I think I had 5 cups.


They had great food – the usual food but also chili and homemade muffins & cookies (including gluten free ones).


Someone that I met at the Malta 5k last September recognized me.  We had chatted a lot after that race.  Holly is just a year younger than (different age group – YAY!).  We talked while waiting for the results.


results for me and my new friends (I beat the “guy”)

I looked and saw that they had my age wrong: 59 not 60.  I told them and they changed it but they had a lot of ages wrong.  This meant that we had to wait a really long time for the awards. It was nice to have someone to wait with.  They were giving out homemade pie & cookies so everyone was waiting. And I won a pie!!! (Love my age group!) Holly won 3rd and cookies.


I put the pie in my car and changed into my race shirt. I really didn’t feel like running more but I promised myself that I would.

I had planned to head home and stop at one of the bike paths on the way.  But this area was so nice, I decided to stay and run. (More about it in my next post.)

All in all, I loved this race.  I will definitely do it again…maybe even the 10K.


mile 1- 9:00
mile 2 – 9:32
mile 3 –  9:33
.1 – 8:09

(yup, positive splits – can I blame it on the wind?)


  • run the whole thing without stopping – YES!
  • finish under 30 minutes – YES!
  • keep each mile’s pace under 10 minutes – YES!
  • win an AG award (they’re giving out baked goods!) – YES! 1st!
  • have fun! – YES!
  • stay healthy! – YES!

Happy Running! Are you running or racing this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Bacon Hill Bonanza 5K Race Report

  1. A few girls from work ran the 5k today!! I would have run it too if I wasn’t marathon training and needed to run 17 today! Glad you enjoyed your race!


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