Running and Eating

Not this bad…I don’t do both at the same time!

This seems to be a familiar topic.

I am not delusional to think that a run can burn off the huge quantities of fattening food that I have been eating. But things would be a lot worse if I were a couch potato.

  • Thursday – Thanksgiving Lunch

turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, run, bread pudding

  • 1 walk before and 1 walk and a 4 mile run after – I don’t think I even burned off the homemade bread pudding (not pictured.)
running in the dark with my new "white" shoes

running 4 miles in the dark with my new “white” shoes

  • Friday – Holiday Party

lasagna, chicken, roast beef, veggies, baked potato (not pictured)

holidayparty2013 004

holidayparty2013 003

I had the pecan pie & chocolate cake

  • No exercise at all 😦 (I’ll blame the rain.)
  • Saturday – Dinner out with Lake George friends

I added a sweet potato instead of pasta


pumpkin cheesecake – yum!

  • 8 mile run beforehand on the Nisky Bike Path 🙂

20131123-123029.jpgwindy windy windy


started out cloudy but then the sun came out


now that the leaves have fallen, there are better views of the Mohawk River


happy to be done …NO FOOT PAIN – YAY! more fun last weekend running with others but they were running today when it was COLDER, cloudier & WINDIER!!!!

  • Just another “normal” Saturday…

I have the oatmeal first and only run 8 miles LOL

  • Sunday – Dinner out with a few tennis friends & former coach

Maybe I’ll order a salad…

Happy Running!  Are you able to avoid holiday over-eating?


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