Helper’s Fund 10K Race Report


Unfortunately, my friend who owns a house in Chestertown had someone staying there (her son on his honeymoon) so I couldn’t stay there last night as I did last year.


imagine…the honeymooners got preference over me!

So I got up early this morning and headed up North.

It was cloudy, chilly, breezy and very HUMID. At least it wasn’t raining. As I drove, the sky brightened.

I wore my new running skirt & compression socks.  I opted for short sleeves but brought a jacket & a long sleeved shirt, just in case.


I parked in the Grand Union parking lot and walked across the street to get my racing packet.

a previous year’s start

This was a small community race – about 200 in the 5K and less than 100 in the 10K. I got there early enough to use the real restrooms and chat with some runners.

Both the 5k and 10K runners start together and then separate.  There was no timing mat at the start so I tried to stand not too far back.

I started with the lady was chatting with but soon realized that she was slower than me (there were only a few others that slow.)


me at the beginning

As I mentioned the course is hilly…real hilly.

I wasn’t gunning for a PR so I just took it slow.

hf 10k

I ran until the first hill and then walked up it and the others as well as through the water stops. Besides the hills, this was a beautiful course.  You ran through the back roads and it would have been awesome if the foliage was at peak.

Around mile 3, you ran into the 5k runners but actually it was the ones who were walking.  Then you separated again.

I finished the first 5k around 33 minutes.  I was pleased considering how much I walked.  I could have pushed myself but I am used to running on FLAT roads and I didn’t want another injury.  Besides, I wanted to add 5 miles to my run after the race.

Around mile 4, when I was walking, a runner caught up to me and we started chatting.  This was the only boring part of the course – a LONG uphill on a main road.  I ran because she was and she thanked me for getting her through it.  (She also thought we were in the same age group.  She was 45 & I 60. Made me feel good.)

Eventually the hills got steeper and I let her go ahead.  But I stayed behind her and finished right behind her.

I stopped at all the water stops but I had no fuel and I definitely needed it around mile 5.  But I gathered my strength and finished strong.



I wasn’t last and finished at: 1:06:10 which was a PR by over 2 minutes.  This is my 3rd 10K.  The 1st was while I was recovering from my broken ankle and the 2nd was last winter on a pretty flat course.

happy to see the finish line

happy to see the finish line

I was pleased.  My 2nd half of the race was about the same as the first and I know that I can do better.

My Splits:

  • mile 1 – 9:56 
  • mile 2 – 10:37
  • mile 3 – 11:41 – water stop
  • mile 4 – 10:59
  • mile 5 – 11:41 – water stop
  • mile 6 – 10:50
  •         .2 –   7:42

pic from FB

I had some refreshments (all home-made – cookies, fritters, breads, bagels, etc) and stuck around for awards (and it took forever) since there was a chance because last year, there was NO ONE in my age group.


Actually there were 2 this year so I came in 2nd.  Hooray for AG awards.

race swag

race swag

I had planned to run 4.8 more miles today.  Boy, did I not feel like it.

I told myself that my reward would be lunch in Schroon Lake and maybe a cool purchase at the Expo.

I drove to familiar territory – near my friend’s house and parked my car. I ran/walked 5 more miles admiring the scenery.





As you can see, the leaves are still pretty green.  My run was painful…my feet & back ached but I got it done.

When I was done, I drove to Schroon Lake.  There were marathoners and half marathoners everywhere.


I went to the expo but only bought some energy gels and a race belt. (I saw many familiar faces from the race I just did.  In fact, the women who won the 10K was going to be running the marathon tomorrow.)


it has 2 pouches, holds 4 gels and your bib

Then I ate at my favorite restaurant  a French creperie.


apples, walnuts, raisins & maple cream – yum!

On the way home, I stopped at our marina but no one was out on their boats – TOO WINDY!  And then at my friend’s house in Lake George (her hubby just had back surgery.).

A long full day.  The highlight was my race, of course.

I think I made the right decision about the race.  I love scenic courses,  The weather turned out to be great (just a little windy but there was hazy sunshine all day and NO RAIN!) I had a PR and got an award plus got in my miles.

Happy Running! How was your weekend?  Any running or racing?


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