Soup(er) Sunday

This was the first weekend since the beginning of May where neither my hubby or went boating on Lake George.


Sorry – it was to windy to go out 😦

My hubby went to play tennis and I played Suzy Homemaker.

I put out our fall flags and then went to a local farm to buy some mums, a pumpkin and some freshly picked apples (I had wanted to go pick them but my mentee & my hubby were busy  & it’s no fun alone.)  Then I went to the grocery store to buy fixings for two homemade soups.  The cool temps just made me want soup.

I’ll say this up front: I like to cook but I rarely do cook.  I prepare something to eat but I wouldn’t call it cooking.  Since the kids are gone and my hubby could care less what he eats, my priorities are pretty selfish – work, running, friends, tennis, mah jongg, etc.

First I made your basic chicken soup – water, a whole chicken, carrots, celery, spices & noodles later.


Then, I made vegetable beef soup. I got lazy on this one – stew beef, frozen vegetables, frozen potatoes, organic beef broth, spices, barley later.

b soup

Well, I hope my hubby enjoys those soups.  Who knows when I will get motivated again to make another homemade meal.

After work this week, I plan to make an apple pie with those apples. (Warm homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream is one of my favorite desserts.)

a picture of my pie from last year

The weather so far looks good for next weekend.

There will be NO COOKING – just racing, boating …

and  mah jongg at the Schroon River house.

Happy Running!  Do you cook often?


4 thoughts on “Soup(er) Sunday

    • Well, that’s because you swim & bike in addition to run. And being a teacher is the hardest job around – been there, done that. My Sundays were always devoted to school work.


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