Biggest Loser 5K Run Walk Race Report


As you can see from the map below, participants run/walk down the mountain, then take the ski lift back up and continue to the finish line. (I wondered what they would do about timing…)

Although we spent the day on our boat on Saturday, the forecast was for rain on Sunday so we did not stay overnight.


perfect weather for swimming & relaxing

If we did, my drive to Killington would have been shorter.  Instead, I left from home to my longest driven race (my previous record was 1 1/2 hrs).  The race was scheduled to begin at 9:00 am and I wanted to get there early for packet pickup etc. so I left around 5:40 am (ugh!!)

It was cloudy when I left which quickly turned to RAIN.  I am not a fan of rain but it was early yet.  As soon as I hit Vermont, the rain stopped.  Still it was humid and looked like it could start again.

Packet pickup went smoothly.  There were even real bathrooms. I bumped into AJH right away. Then we saw Christa and her friend.

before the race

With AJH (left) and Christa (right) before the race

It looked like the rain may hold off so I decided to ditch the jacket.  It was warm and humid enough to get wet and be ok.

There was a 30 min per mile time limit for the race.  Even if I walked the whole thing, I could beat that.  Would my foot be ok to run it??? So what should I do???

Although AJH and Christa would be walking the whole thing, I decided to run it and if I had to then walk.

during the national anthem...most participants were wearing the race shirt.

during the national anthem…most participants were wearing the race shirt.

So I moved up and tried to run when the gun went off.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of walkers and they were blocking my path.  Eventually I got by and proceeded to run DOWNHILL for a long time.  (I didn’t realize how tough this is on the quads when you aren’t in shape!!!)

I didn’t wear a watch or a Garmin.  I was not worried about my time or pace.  This was meant to be a FUN race.

Good thing.  The signs for distance were not accurate and the race was long.  Someone told me it was at least 3.4 miles.

The downhill ended and it went up hill for a while and then down and then up.

AJH snapped this.

AJH snapped this. I “looked” happy.

I ran most of the first half of the race.  But I decided not to risk my feet and I walked all of the uphills during the 2nd half.

The interesting part of the race was the chair lift which supposedly took 6 minutes. It was nice to rest and the views were pretty (although it was overcast,)



But after running almost 3 miles, 6 minutes of sitting still, your legs turned to jelly.  It was very weird.  Everyone had the same reaction.

The worst part of the race was now —– it was raining lightly, it was downhill, rocks, crevices and stones, and it was rather steep and slippery. I AM NOT A TRAIL Runner!  I have already had a broken ankle and a broken foot.  HELP!!

What did I do?  I walked very slowly and carefully and prayed that I would not fall.  Miraculously I did not.

It was longer to the finish line than I thought.  Eventually we went uphill and I was very happy!  I even ran.

Finally I finished – according to the results: 45:34 (minus 6 minute chair lift)

all finhshers got a medal

all finishers got a medal

I grabbed some water (The food was the standard bagel and banana) and walked around.

Country star and Biggest Loser contestant Dan Evans warming up

Country star and Biggest Loser contestant Dan Evans warming up

I got to see AJH and Christa cross the finish line as well as Christa’s friend who did the 15K.


Believe it or not, I won 2nd in my Age Group. (just a certificate and a ribbon)

After the race, I left and stopped at a Pancake restaurant and had some awesome food. I also chatted with some local runners (who didn’t do the race.)  Of course, since I was still wearing my race clothes.


Then I visited my hubby’s aunt & uncle’s gift shop/inn (Greenbrier) nearby.

aunt Kathy & cousin Jennifer

aunt Kathy & cousin Jennifer(sorry it’s blurry)

I am glad I did the race.  I am glad I walked and didn’t worry about time.  I am glad that I switched from the 15K to the 5K.   I am glad that I got to see some fellow bloggers. I am glad that I don’t live in Vermont and have to run on those hills!! (My quads are sore but my foot is fine 🙂 )

Happy Running!  Have you ever run a race for fun?


6 thoughts on “Biggest Loser 5K Run Walk Race Report

  1. I am glad to hear that you carefully walked the rocky part in the rain! Whew! No injury, and you got to run! Sounds like a good way to ease back into racing…and placing in your AG? Sweet! 🙂


  2. So my reading comprehension skills are totally off, because I read that as 30 minute time limit for the whole race, and I was like “What kind of Wonder Woman can walk a 5K in easily less than 30 minutes after coming off a broken foot and ankle and having to wait for a ski lift???” LOL!

    Sounds like a really fun race, and congratulations on coming in 2nd in your AG! That’s great! As it stands, most of my races are for fun. I don’t think I’d want to do them if they weren’t.


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