Getting a Facelift

What do you do when you are not running and there is not much to write about?

Redo the header on your blog – that’s what.

I used a free banner creator for the first  time rather than PhotoShop so the  photos aren’t very clear … oh well.

lst header:

2nd header:


3rd header:


4th header:


5th header:


current header:


I didn’t realize that I changed my header every year.  Six headers means that I am in my 6th year of blogging (and running.)

My headers seem to tell the story of my running.

The first 3 years, I only ran 5ks so the title was “My First 5K Blog.”  Then I added more distances and changed the name to  “My First 5K and more …”

In the beginning years, I often ran with others (so you see pics with other runners).  Now, it’s usually just “Moi.”


I think that in light of all my injuries that in my next header, the “and more” will mean “more than running”.  I may include other activities such as tennis, yoga, biking, boating… What do you think?

Happy Running!  Any recommendations for creating my 7th header?


4 thoughts on “Getting a Facelift

  1. I use a scrapbooking software called my memory to do mine and other friends did the one on Boston bound brunette do you follow her? If you want one let me know you just need to send pics and I will do it for you


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