Running Apps For Your iPhone


I was recently contacted by Jessica Clark asking me to share her blog post “10 iPhone apps to help you train for your first marathon ( on my site.


listening to tunes on my iPhone

“Of course,” I replied.

I use my iPhone for music and my Garmin 205 for distance and pace but I have downloaded many running apps* that I am been meaning to try. (My problem is that I am not good about keeping my phone charged & the GPS on it uses a lot of battery power.)


my beloved Garmin

Here are the 10 iPhone apps recommended in her post.  Please go to the post directly for more details on each app.

10 thoughts on “Running Apps For Your iPhone

  1. I used to use the Nike+ app, but since I got my Garmin watch, I swear by that thing. In my limited sample size, I’ve found my watch to be the most accurate and reliable thing to track my runs, heart rate and distance. Not to have a total lovefest for Garmin products, but I’m not sure how anything could work better.

    Having said that, I’m not averse to trying new things – I’ll check out the apps you and Jessica have recommended.


  2. I don’t need an app to track my running because I have a Garmin that I use.

    I have Nike Training Club on my phone but haven’t used it. I was a member of Fitocracy for a while (through internet because I have an Android phone) but I don’t liked it there.

    I do love Nexercise where you can “compete” with friends or complete strangers to see who exercises the most in a month. I like the challenge to get a rank higher everytime.

    And I love Endomondo that I use to keep track of my walks with Bella.


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