Literacy 5K Race Report


I need to run long.

I love to race.

I shouldn’t spend the money.

Races make me run better.

I could sleep late.

I won’t have to run alone.

These are the thoughts that run through my brain every weekend.


So I had decided that since I raced 3 Sundays in a row and I have a race next Sunday that I would skip this one.

Then someone posted in Fb asking if anyone was running this race.

And you can guess the rest of the story.

I ran this race 3 years but don’t remember much about it other than it was a little hilly (and a very hot, humid day) and I finished in 30:45 (despite walking many times).

My goal for this race was to reverse this trend:

  • 28:49
  • 29:17
  • 30:31

That means I hope to finish faster than 30:31 and then maybe run some more miles after on the bike trail.

The weather was perfect …warm and sunny.  I didn’t have any Mexican looking outfit but I wore what I could find with red, white & green (the shirt from my Santa Clarita Half in Calif.)


The race started at 10 am but I arrived early to get parking and my bib.  I was also hoping to see someone I knew. None of my friends were there but I did see a few familiar faces. It was a little chilly but I knew I would warm up as soon as the race began (and I was right.)

There were about 200 runners and the course was quite winding – in and out of the cul-de-sacs of the Rensselaer Tech Park. It started with a downhill but after that it seemed that you were running up hill – not steep hills – just long ones.

There was one water stop but though tempting I passed it by.  I barely glanced at my Garmin but I knew that my first mile was too fast and that I was slowing down.

I finally looked at my watch when it beeped for mile 3 and saw that my time was really good… so I sped up.

The problem was that it took longer than I thought to cross the finish line.  I am sure the clock said 29:58 when I crossed and I stopped my Garmin which said 29:59.

But the course was long – 3.22 miles.  Everyone agreed.  Most of the runners were complaining. My time was posted as 30:01.

I was still pleased and felt I ran a good race.

After the race, they gave out those ugly cotton tee-shirts and the only refreshments were orange slices.

Although I am still 4 days away from the next age group, that’s where I was put and this time I did better in this group.  I came in 2nd (missed first by 1 second.)

They, however, only gave out awards for 1st in each AG.

Oh well, at least I met my goal of finishing faster than my last race and at the correct distance I did finish under 30 minutes.

Race Stats:

finished 80 out 195
2nd in AG (6th in correct AG)


mile 1: 9:01
mile 2: 9:56
mile 3: 9:33
.2: 8:30

As always, I love to race and am glad I did but I don’t think I’ll do this one again.

I had hoped to run more miles afterward but I was tired and I had plans to spend the rest of the rest with my mentee and her sons.

Happy Running!  Do you have the Run vs Race dilemma?


3 thoughts on “Literacy 5K Race Report

  1. I guess it’s hard for them to get the distance exactly right – I just did a 5K that was 3.03 miles. Your time was great – nice job! I’ve been enjoying running the shorter distances with the races lately, but it will be nice to start edging my Saturday runs back into the 5 mile range again soon.


  2. It hasn’t happened often to me (yet) that the distance in a race wasn’t correct. But I have to say that if I run a 5K I stop my Garmin at 5K exactly, no matter if I crossed the finish line or not. I’m a control freak for correct times 🙂

    If I think about it I think I prefer to do long runs over the weekend more than a race. I do races to see if my time has improved and because I run somewhere else than in my neighbourhood but I don’t do a race every weekend (I could the entire year round here if I wanted to).
    Although I’m far from long runs at the moment I know that my best and most enjoyable runs were the long ones when I was training for a half.


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