Sean’s 5K Run Race Report


race report aka racing with a bloody nose

There are easier and closer races than this but I do this race for Mary and for ice cream.

I ran it in 2011 and I was in great shape coming off 2 half marathons but still only finished at 29:24.

Me & Mary - the healthy days

Mary  & me  2011

Last year, I went to watch her run (I was injured ;( ).


me & Mary 2012…she was running, I was watching… we both ate ice cream

This year, I was excited to be healthy again and running. I hoped to finish under 30 minutes but you never know how things will go. (I should mention that yesterday my sinuses were bothering me all day…either a cold coming on or more likely allergies.  I had a bloody nose in the morning and another one at night…this is a prelude to race day...)

The forecast was for sunshine and warm temps but you never know.).

chatham weather


The race started at noon. So you don’t have to get up early but it kinda kills the day and it’s hard to fuel properly. And it was warmer than last week’s race. (I kept changing my mind on an outfit…eventually I opted for a tank top & skirt.)

MaryPat & me before the race

MaryPat & me before the Delmar Dash

This year, my tennis friend, MaryPat, decided that she wanted to run this race too. (However, at the last minute, she cancelled…due to a sore knee.)

It’s about 45 minutes from my house but I left extra early in order to get parking, get my bib, and locate Mary.


After I picked up my race packet, I watched Meghan’s Mile and the amazing fast kids!! Then Mary texted me and we met up and headed to the start.

this was the race shirt - very thin breathable cotton)

this was the race shirt – very thin breathable cotton)

The race was dedicated to the Boston Marathon. They asked how many racers ran it, watched it, qualified etc.  I was surprised at how many BQers were in this race.

the finish line (to the left of the start)

the finish line (to the left of the start)

After an emotional “Sweet Caroline” and national anthem, the 5k started.

There is a big hill at the start which I managed to run up (slowly).  Actually the whole race was rolling hills and of course, you have to go up a hill toward the end.

It was warm & I was very thirsty but choose not to stop at the 1st water stop.

Then the race took a turn for the worse.  My nose started running but I quickly realized that it was another nose bleed…ugh and no tissues (yes, STUPID).  What’s a runner to do?  Yup, wipe with one hand and then the other.  It was gross.  I thought about quitting but I am too stubborn.  I just hoped that the photographer did not catch how disgusting I looked.  Only one guy stopped me to ask if I was ok (probably there was blood all over my face) and told me that I should go the EMT in the nearby ambulance.  I said that it was only a nose bleed and I was fine.

Of course, it was hard to run and wipe my the blood dripping from my nose but I did manage to finish.  I crossed at 30:26 (Garmin time) and 30:31 official time.

I immediately went to get napkins and water to clean up and by that time, Mary had finished too (and my nose had stopped bleeding.)

Unlike my last 5k, there was a lot of food – bagels, Greek yogurt, cookies, donuts, fruit, chocolate milk, Propel water, etc.

But we headed to the Stewart’s ice cream stand:

best cone ever!

best cone ever!

We looked at the results since they were giving out medals to the top 3 in  each AG.  I think I was 13th out of 89 in the 10 yr AG. (but this time 3rd in the next AG)

checking out the results board (photo by David Lee/Hudson-Catskill Newspapers )

checking out the results board (photo by David Lee/Hudson-Catskill Newspapers )

Race Stats:

finished 384 out of 964


Mile 1: 9:16 (pre-nose bleed)
Mile 2: 10:06
Mile 3: 10:06
.12: 8:17

Sean’s Run is a very fun race.  Lots of community support.  (Read the story here.) But not an easy course…hills.  (I hate hills!)

check out this hill at the beginning…. there’s a hill at the end too

On the way home, I stopped at the Corning Bike Trail to run more but I was too hot and tired … walked/ran another 2 miles.

Happy Running! How was your weekend?  Any running?


7 thoughts on “Sean’s 5K Run Race Report

  1. You poor thing, running with a bloody nose! That takes some grit to keep going (and wiping)!.

    I don’t like late-starting races. The sun is too high and it blows your day.


  2. Yuck. Sorry to hear about the nose bleed. Talk about putting a damper on things. Well done running through it though. You deserved that ice cream!!


  3. Thanks for linking up on the Race Recap Roundup! 🙂
    Wow! You are one tough chica! Running with a bloody nose?! Congrats to you for toughing it out! That food at the end sounds amazing!! GREAT race!! 🙂 and way to run/walk another 2 miles after!! 🙂


  4. Sounds like a fun race without the bloody nose of course.

    Almost every race here starts at noon or at 2 in the afternoon. I don’t like that at all, especially not on hot days. I do all my training in the morning so I totally understand the feeling that it breaks your day (it does) and that fueling is difficult.

    Great time, congrats!


  5. Hi Darlene – just found your site and I want to thank you for including Sean’s Run on your list – we know there are so many events to choose from and we work hard to make Sean’s Run special. You and Mary B have been great supporters! Fortunately we have seen our numbers grow every year. And your participation and reviews are appreciated. Our 12 Noon start on Sunday is our way of being good neighbors to the 4 churches that are on the course. To close the streets before that hour would be an imposition to the members of those congregations. As you know we have a good track record of starting on time and passing out awards at 1 PM. See you for our 13th edition – Sean’s Run Weekend, April 26 & 27. By the way, Sean’sRides – our bike rides event (20 & 50-mile rides) is the day before with great shirts, amenities and refreshments. Check it out at Mark D. French, Secretary, Sean’s Run


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