Delmar Dash Race Report


This is my second time doing this race and my second 5 miler. It is also the race that is the closest to where I live (2 miles away.)

April - 5 mile race in my neighborhood

Delmar Dash 2011

I looked at my splits for 2011 and they were all in the 9’s with one in the 8’s. I finished under 47 minutes!!! I wonder who that runner was… It certainly isn’t me!!

I know I should be happy that I am even able to run. I couldn’t run last year!! So yes, I am happy!!

Originally, it was forecasted to be spring-like but as the week progressed, the seasons changed and it appeared to be more like winter. So I needed to change my original outfit (short sleeves & a skirt) to something warmer but not too warm. I opted for a compromise: long sleeves & a shirt over it, my skirt with compression knee socks. Hopefully I would warm up while running.

I arrived early and the sun was out. I waited inside for my friend MaryPat to arrive. All of a sudden, I noticed that it had gotten dark out and then it started pouring. Then it started sleeting. Those arriving now were soaked!!! It had also gotten a lot colder. Luckily I had a jacket and gloves with me. But I was debating whether I would run 5 miles in this awful weather.

Finally, it stopped raining but it was colder and windier.

MaryPat & me before the race

MaryPat & me before the race

I decided at the last moment to leave the jacket behind but wear the gloves. We both headed out to the start. This was Mary’s first race longer than a 5k. I was excited for her and told her I’d wait for her at the finish.

heading out (J. Berkeley photo)

heading out (J. Berkeley photo)

The course was very familiar to me…it’s where I have done a lot of my runs.

course map

I said I had no goals but secretly I wanted to RUN THE WHOLE THING and finish UNDER 50 MINUTES!!!

starting the race  (J. Berkeley photo)

starting the race (J. Berkeley photo)

Though I wore my Garmin, I rarely looked at it and there were clocks at all the mile markers. I was running at a fast pace for me but it seemed that everyone was passing me by…. a law school prof, a friend, someone who reads my blog. I was cold the whole race & I found it difficult to move forward when we were running into the wind. At least the course was mostly flat.

I was tempted to stop at the water stop which was halfway but since I wasn’t warm, I decided to push myself past it.

am I running?  (J. Berkeley photo)

am I running? (J. Berkeley photo)

I was definitely running out of gas during mile 4 and wished that I had run slower at the beginning of the race.

at least I am smiling!  (J. Berkeley photo)

at least I am smiling! (J. Berkeley photo)

But finally it was over and according to my Garmin, I crossed around 47:40. (officially 47:39)


I was happy!!! Not a PR but better than I expected. I am getting my confidence back and that’s what matters.

My splits:

mile 1: 8:59
mile 2: 9:37
mile 3: 9:29
mile 4: 9:56
mile 5: 9:34

I put my jacket back on and got some water (I was too nauseous to eat.) and waited for Mary to finish.


After the race, we went out to lunch…needed to put back on those burned off calories!!

I think I did!

I think I did!

I think MaryPat is hooked. The topic of conversation at lunch was what race should she sign up for next!! (Maybe I get get her to run a half marathon?)

Plan for the rest of the day: Season 2 of Downton Abbey!

Happy Running! Did you run or race this weekend? If so, how were they?


8 thoughts on “Delmar Dash Race Report

  1. Great job! I did that race once and loved it but now I do the Unplugged this weekend. I think you would like that half. Your splits are awesome!!!!


  2. Hurray! High five! Congratulations!

    I find it so hard to start slow when there are other people around. I swear its impossible.

    Running in those conditions is so miserable but you pushed through. So awesome! I am loving your lunch, yum.


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