I’m a Parrothead

Not really.  But my friends are. So we went with them to the First Annual Parrothead Festival in Saratoga:

Parrot Head Festival is the official kick off to summer in the Capital Region, with a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band experience. The day kicks off with some tailgating in appropriate Buffett fashion, doors open at 2:00. Make your way in to the sounds of ROBONIC, a local reggae band and great island sound. John Frinzi and John Patti Duo kick things off with a tropical rock twist and the beverages should be flowing by this point….kids have an entire area dedicated to themselves! When the sun begins to set, CHANGES IN LATITUDES takes the stage to a tropical backdrop and the conclusion of a magical day! Inside the event will include food vendors, beer and other Margaritaville beverages…

Now remember this is the same day as my 5K race.  I rushed home and showered and changed into Parrothead garb.

me and my hubby

We only bought one VIP parking pass (where you can tailgate and drink alcohol). So we met nearby and then all piled into my hubby’s pick-up.

We had a lot of fun tailgating…

until the rain (and hail) came!

We hung out under our canopy or in the truck.

singing in the rain?

The rain was brief and stopped around the time we had to enter the fair grounds to listen to the bands.

time to let the “fin” begin

I changed into dry clothes and we hung out for several hours listening to music.

I bought a t-shirt (like I need another?)

The last band was the best – Changes in Lattiude – a Jimmy Buffet tribute band.

I did manage to drag my tired running legs out to dance quite a bit.

my friends Pat & Kathi having “fin”

Happy Running!  Did you do anything special this weekend? Do You like Jimmy Buffet?

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