Happy Passover & Happy Easter!!

I was raised Jewish.  My husband is Catholic.

Although I am not very religious, I love to celebrate Chanukah and Passover. My Mah Jongg group who are for the most part Jewish with Catholic husbands host an annual seder. Everyone brings a dish as part of the meal.  (I always bring charoset & wine.) It is a lot of fun.

MJ Seder 2010

Prior to playing Maj Jongg, I used to go to PA to celebrate with my BFF from  high school & her family.

Passover 2008

Coincidentally, both holidays this year occur on the same weekend…lot’s of eating predicted!!

My hubby & I may go out to dinner on Easter & then to my mother-in-law’s for dessert.

I hope to squeeze some biking during the weekend.

Happy Running!  Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Happy Passover & Happy Easter!!

  1. Happy Holidays and enjoy your dinner and dessert today.
    Beautiful photos and also … nice kitties. Even if I am a dog person I have 3 cats at home and just now 4 cats in the garden (+ some visitors to taste the food).


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