Valentine’s Day and the Healed Bones

My hubby and I got our Valentine’s Day gift a day early.

Yesterday I went to the orthopedist for my 6 week check-up.  They took x-rays.  The Dr. looked and said “I don’t like one of them and I need another.” My heart sank!!!  So I got another x-ray.  Then he said:  LOOKS GREAT!! I can’t even see where you broke them!!” (Apparently my hardware blocked his view of the bone so they needed another angle.)

So what does this mean??

It means that I can start gradually putting weight on it with the boot & crutches…gradually putting weight on the boot without the crutches holding on to furniture…gradually walking with the boot…gradually walking with crutches without the boot…gradually walking with one crutch…gradually limping holding to furniture…gradually walking without crutches!!!

Yeah. Sounds easy?  NOT!! Right now I can’t do anything because I can’t bend or move my foot enough.  But it will come.  Little by little.  I have my first PT appointment next Wed!

Of course I asked the Dr. if I will be able to run.  He said YES!! But not for a while!!!!

I’m ok with that!

So my hubby & I went out to dinner to celebrate.

Bloody Mary, heart bracelet & my hubby’s wedding ring. Cool, huh?

The next four weeks will test my strength and patience.  Baby steps!!!  Next ortho appt is March 12.  Hope I will be walking (limping) by then!!!

Happy Running! Did you do anything special to celebrate Valentine’s Day?



4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day and the Healed Bones

  1. Good for you! Be gental with yourself, and don’t rush it no matter how much you want to run! I say this never having had such an injury. But I would hope I could be gental with myself if I did.
    Hpayy V day!


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