Getting Inspired by Adele

I liked Adele before last night but after 60 minutes and the Grammys, I am really a fan.

Imagine having to have surgery and wonder if you will be able to do what your career depends on.  I’m sure you know Adele was a singer and recently had vocal cord surgery.  Singing was not only her life but her livelihood.  She would not only have to survive the  surgery, but she would have to be the same as before (or  maybe better.)

After hearing her perform last night, it is clear from the standing ovation that Adele is back!  Her voice is still amazing!!

If you missed it, click HERE!

So in the scheme of things, ankle surgery is not as serious as vocal cord surgery.  My livelihood does not depend on being able to run and play tennis.  Even if I do those again and it is not at the same level, it’s ok. I can do them at any level I choose.

I was pretty depressed yesterday.  Feeling sorry for myself…sitting on the couch (one more night)!  While watching the Grammys my mood picked up.  It may have been the music or maybe it was Adele’s remarkable recovery.

Congrats Adele! (I added some of your songs to my playlist…can’t wait to run listening to them..)

Happy Running!  Did you watch the Grammys? (Don’t forget my giveaway which ends today!)


6 thoughts on “Getting Inspired by Adele

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you how your cross-training is going. Even though cardio would be a real challenge, you could probably have some killer abs and have built up some really solid arm strength (pushups on the knees, or dumbbell work) by the time you are able to do some cardio again.

    I remember back when my leg was broken all those years ago, doing almost anything was better than nothing, and it almost always brightened my mood.

    I hope yours is bring today !


  2. I love Adele too. I didn’t see the Grammys or 60 Minutes so I will click on your link.

    I am doing the Half this weekend but am having this weird problem with the top of my foot. It’s the old should I run or take more time off dilemna.

    And yes I was complaining. It was so so so cold!


    • I would do it but take it easy…don’t worry about time…walk when necessary – like I did for Adirondack – it still feels good to finish & get a medal – just listen to your body!


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