TTT+1: Week 4 Injury Report

1.  I have been getting out of the house:

  • wheelchair trip to the mall 🙂  lost a hat & gloves 😦
  • carried up a flight of stairs to a Jimmy Buffet-themed birthday party
  • tennis dinner at an Italian restaurant

    yes, I cropped it at the knee...

2.  I am working!  That is, I am working from home.  So that means I have moved off the family room recliner into working at the kitchen table with my leg elevated on a chair.  It’s a start.

3.  My tennis friend, Mady, is an orthopedic nurse and works at the same place as my doctor so she pumped him for info on my ankle. According to Mady, the Dr. said that I will probably be able to play tennis again but NOT run.

 4.  From Runner’s World yesterday – “Injury is something that happens to you as an athlete. Others might tell you that you’re done. But if you keep at it, you might be able to get back…”Abdi Abdirahman, third-place finisher in the men’s 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials.  How timely!!!!

As Tug McGraw (from the Mets) said in 1973 “You gotta believe!!”

Happy Running!  Do you have any motivational  quotes that you want to share?

5 thoughts on “TTT+1: Week 4 Injury Report

  1. I don’t know about motivational quotes, but their outlook does seem a bit on the odd side. So let me get this straight….

    The doctors believe that you will be able to quickly change directions and do short burst sprints over a 36′ x 39′ area (standard tennis court) both from a dead stop and from short burst in the opposite direction over and over again with quick, jarring stops where you are swinging your arms and at times upper body in directions opposite to your current direction of travel, yet….

    You will NOT be able to travel at a moderate pace in a single direction with your entire body following the same general direction at all times with no sudden stops for a similar period of time.

    How odd…I’m not sure I buy this at all. Sounds like THEY don’t believe that THEY would be able to do it. Which DOES bring to mind a quote:

    “Don’t let anybody tell you YOU can’t, just because THEY can’t…”


  2. I believe you will run again! I agree with Michael- if they think you can move as required in tennis why would you not be able to run? You will run again!!!! Maybe you should get a second opinion too? It couldn’t hurt right?
    Hang in there!


  3. I would try another doctor – not now. But when you are healed for a second opinion on the whole running thing. It does seem odd you could do tennis but not run. Don’t you run in tennis? Good luck with this.

    You are getting out more than many uninjured people!


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