Half Marathon Envy

All the talk about the Las Vegas RnR Half Marathon last weekend makes me want to do one again sooooon!

2011 was the first year that I ever even considered running one and I did 5! (No photopgraper at #4)






Unfortunately, my first one was my most enjoyable and my last one, the least. In fact, the 5th one leaves me wanting a do over! I am hoping that I can do better or at least feel better doing it.

It’s not easy to choose one.  There are many things to consider: date, weather, travel distance, time off from work, elevation, etc.

Some possibilities:

  • 2/5/12 – Melbourne Half  (Fla.) – my sister-in-law lives nearby but would need to take time off from work
  • 2/19/12 – Half at the Hamptons (NH)- 3 3/4 hrs – cold?? (but have 2/20 off)
  • 2/25/12 – Lake Effect Half (Syracuse, NY)  – 3hrs – snow, cold – new race but flat
  • 2/26/12 – Hyannis Half (Mass) – 3.5 hrs away – too cold?
  • 3/11/12 – Celebrate Life Half – 1.5 hr away – hilly – no finisher medal
  • 3/24/12 – 13.1 NY Half (Queens, NY) – 3 hrs away – boring course
  • 4/7/12 – Race the Runways (Brunswick, Maine) – 5 hrs away – too cold? – supposed to go to Pa for Passover
  • 4/29/12 – Lake George Half – 1 hr away – hilly, did it last year
  • 6/17/12 – New Paltz Challenge – 1.5 hr away- but it’s Father’s Day

Gotta decide so I can start training…

Happy Running!  Any suggestions?  Housing invitations??

11 thoughts on “Half Marathon Envy

  1. I’ve done the Hyannis half in the past. It’s definitely cold and has some rolling hills. Pay close attention to pacing if you do it because the first four miles are flat, and I went out way too fast for the rollers that come later. I have friends who’ve done the Half at the Hamptons and really liked it too.


      • Oh really, awesome! I wish I had an iPad :). The app works for the iPad as well! We are releasing an update in January to the app, which will allow you to access all your training , training plans, and add to your training diary right from the app. Send me an e-mail and I’d love to offer you a promo code. If you wanted you could review it now, or come January when the update has launched.


  2. If you wouldn’t be too upset about not getting a finisher’s medal (I’m pretty sure there isn’t one) there is a half marathon in Olean, New York on March 18th and it is only $10 pre-registered and $12 race day.

    I’m from Maine and sometimes it is colder there than it is in New York, but it all depends on the year.

    We are going to do the Cleveland Half Marathon on May 20th, I might consider doing the one in Olean depending on how training goes!

    Good luck deciding!


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