Random Things on a Thursday

Since I work in a law school, the image above seems appropriate.

1.  I have my high school reunion this weekend (my 40th cough cough).  Thanks to Facebook for planning this event and that there’s no hiding how we’ve aged…  I will not post our high school photos but here’s one of the 6 of  us at the last (20 year) reunion:


2.  My diet isn’t going so well.  First I had to carb load for my 3rd half Marathon and now I have to carb load for my 4th Half Marathon.  What’s a runner girl to do?  Wear loose clothing, I guess.

3. I hate being sick!! I’m not real ill but just have that annoying stuffed nose, sneezing, sore throat, itchy eyes kind of cold.  It makes it hard to run when you feel crappy.  But better now than on Nov. 6, I say.

4. Thanks to all those slow runners who commented on my last post.  I’m glad I’m not alone.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy reading blogs by those runners who want to PR every race, run the NYC Marathon, qualify for Boston, etc.  Unfortunately it’s not me.  I’m jealous, of course.  But we, penguins, still go out there and run and compete at our own pace.

5. I can’t believe it’s mid October.  The end of 2011 is right around the corner. Almost time to think about racing in 2012.  Unless Nov 6 goes horribly, I will want to do another Half Marathon. I definitely want to try a 10k and maybe get back some 5K speed (speed is relative here).

6. The running community where I work is growing!!!  Two more just completed their first half marathons last weekend.  YAY!  There are quite a few casual runners but now we have at least 7 serious runners.  It’s fun to talk running with them and have something in common beside work.

Happy Running!  Happy Thurday!

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