End of the Boating Season & Last Long Run in BL

Today was bittersweet.  We have had the best weather this summer (& fall) for boating.  But you never want it to end…Do you think the sign above was for me??

I got up this morning very tired…not enough sleep but the weather was perfect…(well, maybe a little warm for this time of year, but who’s complaining?)

breakfast at the marina before my run

I was planning 11 miles but would settle for 10.

I decided to do the first half around the Sagamore Hotel.

view from the bridge heading to the Sagamore


waiting for customers...I was tempted


view of the lake & a little fall foliage


View from the Nature Trail at the Sagamore

With only one frost, most of the leaves were GREEN.  Definitely not peak colors…

Then I ran through the town of Bolton Landing which was very CROWDED…garage sales…crafts fair, etc. I did stumble upon some interesting sights.

Yes, he's real


a bufferfly among the mums

As I passed the marina, I was pooped already and it was hot…I ate some gu & took a swig of water and continued down 9N south for the rest of my run.  I was running SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.  I told my hubby I’d be done in 2 hours… oh no…

I ran down through the cemetery and then headed toward the lake.  It was beautiful, as usual.  I just had no energy.

along my running route


me running in one of the neighborhoods on the lake

The time forced me to head back to the marina as not to be late.  Unfortunately, it is UPHILL on the way back. 
I did 10.5 miles instead of 11 at a snail’s pace but got it done!!
My hubby was waiting so I hopped on the boat and we spent the rest of the day on Commisssion Pt Island with a whole group of friends and friends of friends.

the gang toasting our last island picnic of the season

And I was able to drink, finally.  I discovered a way to add alcohol to my Root Beer Float addiction.

whipped cream vodka & root beer

Awesome!! You can use orange soda & it tastes like a creamsicle..

We hung out as late as possible … I have to work tomorrow 😦

view of the Sagamore & the moon from our marina

Of course, we stopped on the way home for a  real (ice cream) Root beer Float!!!

Until next year….

Happy Running! Happy Columbus Day!

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