Plan B

Red Rock Bay #18

Plan A:

Three days on Lake George at Red Rock Bay #18.  Swimming, boating, bbqing with friends.

View from Sagamore running route

Running around the Sagamore in the morning before heading back to the island.

Well, the forecast for ALL 3 days was showers and thunderstorms!!!!!!!!! Normally we ignore the weather reports and do our own thing. For some reason, we listened to them!! And they were wrong!!

Plan B:

Spent Saturday with my tennis buddies on Schroon River.


No it did not rain.  My poor hubby had stayed home.

On Sunday, I got up early and ran a sucky 3 miles in my scenic neighborhood (NOT).  My heel felt fine, but the HUMIDITY almost killed me.

Then we headed up to the marina.  We didn’t take the boat out because we thought it would rain. I walked around beautiful Bolton Landing waiting for our friends to arrive.

When our friends arrived, we had a nice barbecue on the deck of our marina. Then on our way home, we stopped for ice cream (I know I said I would give it up) and to play miniature golf.

one of my better putts

No it did not rain.

So today again the forecast is for rain which I have yet to see.  I am obviously blogging, doing laundry, weeding and eventually plan to maybe go shopping and/or see a movie. (I’d love to run but I am obeying PT Guy #1.)

The morale of the story, do not  visit:

Happy Running!

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