33rd Freihofer’s Run for Women Race Report

As I said previously, I love this race.  It’s crowded & it’s impossible to do really well, but who cares. It’s a nice course that is shady and scenic with music, fans, and clocks & water at each mile. We got a cool green tech shirt and a box of Freihofer cookies & sandwich buns.

One tennis friend was running it (one cancelled) along with a recording setting 4800 other women runners. The beginning’s runners group from last year planned to meet to take a “one year later” group photo.

My hubby picked up my bib yesterday so that saved me some time.  (I did go to the expo to get my friend’s shirt and I got an autograph from JOAN SAMUELSON!!!)

I decided to park at work to avoid the traffic and run to the race (as a warm up). That was a little over a mile & I walked a lot of it.

The weather was perfect – sunny, 60’s, no wind.

I immediately bumped into the running group plus others. I never found my tennis friend. Some of the runners even got interviewed for the news (Janis, Bridget & Tammy).

Eventually it was time to line up.  Somehow I got an orange bib which would have put me WAY back but I squeezed in toward the back of the “Yellows.”

As usual in this race, it starts and you can’t move at all.  You move and it’s crowded so you weave in and out up the hill until you get into the park and then you can run at a decent pace.

So my first mile was slow, the 2nd was faster but I did stop briefly for water (my throat hurt from all the pollen).  I walked again during the 3rd mile which pissed me off but I picked up speed as the race ended downhill.

Here’s a video of the course:

As I appraoched the finishline, I saw that I could finish under 29 minutes and I did!! Officially 28:51, net time- 28:14 and Garmin time 28:08.


Mile 1- 9:21
Mile 2 – 8:59
Mile 3 – 8:49
      .14 – 6:50

Hooray for negative splits and meeting my goal of under 29 minutes!! 

Click HERE to watch my finish! Not really, you can barely see me at 28:51 (But you can see that I was already way past the finish line!!!)

My running friends also did great. Esp. Felice, Janis, Jen & Bridget who got PRS.

I got some refreshments, chatted with some runners & watched the beginning of the awards ceremony.

Then I  took off, I needed to get in some more miles so I ran back around the park and to my car adding 3 more miles to my day’s total.

Here are some pics from the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Running! Hope you had a good weekend!

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