My Next Race…

FRW #4 for me.  

Freihofer's Run for Women 2008

Freihofer's Run for Women 2009

Freihofers Run for Women 2010

You can’t have PR goals in a race this big (over 4000 runners) but I love to run this one anyway:

  • It’s the ultimate women’s race!!
  • Even with the crowds, you always bump into a familiar face.
  • It’s a course that is used for many races (and ends with a downhill.)
  • I may run into my idol ( Her b-day is a week after mine but I am 4 yrs older):

My bib # is 2984 (The  4th race in a row of  2 & 8). This year they are organizing the start of the race by colors according to estimated finish times. I don’t remember what I filled in (or if I filled it in) when I registered.  I finished last year in 30:39.  I finished this same course last October in 29:10.  My last 5k finish was 27:54 so I should be BLUE but I may be  a slower color.

My goal is to finish under 29 minutes.  I realize that this may not be possible since I may be stuck in the middle of a slow moving crowd.

Maybe I’ll make the cover of the local newspaper again?

 Happy Running!

8 thoughts on “My Next Race…

  1. Have fun. I did this twice and loved it but I need to show some restraint. If I come your way it will be for the other two.
    I ran it with my idol the year I did it and then she gave a speech. Marla Runyan ran it too and won it and I had just read a biography of her. I was thrilled!


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