Mother’s Day 5k Race Report

This is the 4th year that I have run this race.  That’s the most for any race!!! It is near my house and they give out great gifts!! It is a flat course, too.

My times have steadily improved – 40:43, 37:40, 33:08… but before this year, it was a 3 1/2 mile race. 

After I registered, they changed it to a 5K.  That’s odd. So I didn’t know how they changed the course. 

I was looking forward to this race since I know several women from the running group who were planning to run as well as my tennis friends.

Felice, Amanda & me after the race in 2010

with my tennis friends after the race in 2008

You can see from the photos that sometimes the weather is cold (2010) and sometimes it is hot (2008).

This year, the weather was beautiful – not too hot and not too cold!!

My goal was to beat my time from last week which was 29:45!!

My hubby dropped me off and went to visit his mom.  Iimmediately I bumped into my 2 tennis friends & snapped a pre-race pic.

me, Mary Pat & Pat

Then I found my running/blogging friends and took another pic.

Bridget, me, Felice, Amanda & Tami

Finally I found my running buddy, Mary and we headed to the start.

This was a flat course and the weather was perfect so this was my chance to have a great race. I decided to listen to Felice & just go for it the first mile and not worry about crashing & burning.

So I did.  My first mile was 8:49 and that’s with stopping to tie my shoe (yes, I do double knot them!!!)

They called out my time as 7:07 and at that point I was wondering if the course was correct…

looking strong

I slowed downed my 2nd mile & stopped for water so it was 9:04 which is still fast for me.

Still going...

I was ahead of Amanda & Bridget until the shoe lace incident and then was behind them for a long while. 

I passed them during mile 3 when I decided to pick up the pace and this mile was at 7:57.

Here we come!

According to my Garmin, I crossed at 25:51 but the clock said 25:54.

The problem is that it was NOT a 5K, the course was short – only 3 miles!!! (Now they’re saying 2.9 😦  )

Boo! Hiss!! Do I still get a PR??? My fastest 5k before this was also in Delmar – 27:30.

I am thrilled!! In my book, it’s a PR!!

Everyone else did great!! Especially Felice who came in 5th overall!! Amanda & Bridget PRed too.  Mary returning from injury finished 5 minutes faster than last week.

Bridget & Felice after the race

MaryPat & Pat after

After the race, I rushed off to pick up my mentee, Amanda & her son.  I really wanted to spend time with them today (since I don’t have kids of my own.)

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Washington Park for the Tulip Fest – admiring the flowers, playing on the rides, riding a pony, petting the goats, etc.

When I got home, my hubby & I went out for a light dinner & a drink to celebrate my birthday (with work & tennis tomorrow, no time!)

What a busy day!  I loved it all!

Happy Running! Happy Mother’s Day all!

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