Delmar Dash 5 Mi. Race Report

I’ve always wanted to run this race because I live in Delmar.  But before this year, I only ran 5K races.  This was 5 miles so a new race and a new distance.  An automatic PR. YAY!

Let’s back track to yesterday.

I ran 12 miles on Friday at an embarrassing 11:30 pace.  I wore my Reeboks which have solved the front foot pain but these & my Asics give me pain after 3 miles on inner back side of the left foot.  Lot’s of pain.

I decided yesterday on a beautiful sunny Saturday (my rest day) to go to FleetFeet and ask for advice.  They said I pronate on my left foot and recommended a different type of running shoe – Saucony Mirage.

Just a coincidence that they matched my race outfit for today!!! I was just hoping that my feet wouldn’t hurt!!!!

Race Goals:

A: finish in under 10 min/mi
B: run the whole thing (or almost the whole thing)
C: have fun and finish pain-free and strong

The weather forecast has varied but the latest was cloudy, chance of showers but in the 50’s.

I decided on shorts (it’s April!!) and a long sleeve shirt.

The race was only 10 minutes from my house and I got the last spot in the parking lot.  I immediately bumped into so many people that I knew: 2 local bloggers (Jen and Heather), 2 profs from the law school where I work, my close friend’s hubby, and others.

I was very cold waiting for the race to begin.  Many racers were wearing tights, jackets, etc. Boy am I glad that I didn’t.

I quickly warmed up and was sweating by the end.

This race was a lot of fun.  I felt no pressure so I just ran.  I am familiar with the neighborhoods (although I don’t run here.) I was surprised at how fast my pace was and I was worried whether or not I would die.  So I kept slowing down till the last mile.

Mile 1: 9:21
Mile 2: 9:25
Mile 3: 9:28 (water stop)
Mile 4: 9:39
Mile 5: 8:58

Garmin Time: 46:53

There were a lot of spectators along the course.  I had to high five at least 5 kids.

My new Sauconys seem to have fixed my left foot problem but my right foot hurts like before.  (Does any one run in 2 different running shoes?!)

There were no chips for this race.  You just handed the bottom of your bib to someone at the finish line – I don’t know how they get an accurate time.

I was so warm after the race that I went to my car & changed into the shirt they gave us – a women’s technical tee shirt!

Then I headed back to the finish line to catch some of my friends cross.

Heather finishes her first 5 miler!

John getting back into racing after a long illness

The refreshments were pretty good.  I had some Chobani Greek yogurt and some cake.  They also had vegetable soup, bread, oranges, bananas, etc.

Unfortunately there were a lot of speedy 55-59 year old women in this race and I didn’t come close to a AG award.  (My official time was posted as 47:03) They gave out umbrellas and certificates as prizes.

I am thrilled with how good I felt at the end of the race!  ALL GOALS ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!! (3 minutes faster than Goal A)

So the Delmar Dash is now on my list of races I have to run.

Next up – Half Marathon  in 13 days!!!

Happy Running!

11 thoughts on “Delmar Dash 5 Mi. Race Report

  1. Great job on the mile splits. Waaaaay under the 10 minute wish. I like your hair. New cut?

    Very FEW races I run seem to have chips. I am more used to not having them.

    Good job once again.


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