Goals for the Week and Brain Exchange #30


Finishing is Winning‘s Brain Exchange:

This Week’s Topic: Your First Kicks

This Week’s Question: All runners have a connection to their shoes.  Tell the story behind how you came to love the kicks you’re in- what were your first shoes?  What do you wear now?  Do you stick to one shoe or change it up?

I used to be a tennis shoe-aholic but now I am a running shoe-aholic. 

When I first started running 3 years ago, I went to FleetFeet and they recommended Sauconys.  I wore those until they wore out and then bought Sauconys again.

Since then I’ve worn Nikes because they hold the Nike+ chip.  I’ve also bought inexpensive Reebocks for the treadmill.

Then I switched to Mizunos which I loved until recently.  My feet started hurting!! I bought another pair a 1/2 size larger and my feet still hurt (anyone want a new pair  size 8.5??)

I switched to Asics for my half marathon and now I am sold on them.  I have 2 pairs. I wear one on my longer runs and the other that I am breaking in for my shorter runs.

I have come to realize that shoes are the most important running accessory!!!

Last week update:

 My goal was 21 miles and I ran 4 times for a total of   22  miles. YEA!
I played tennis 3 times. (a usta match & lost 😦  )

This was Week #7 of my 2nd Half Marathon training.  5 weeks to go!

Goals for this week:

This week’s schedule:

Mon – tennis after work
Tues – tennis after work
Wed – yoga
Thurs – FleetFeet workshop
Fri – mah jongg
Sat or Sun – boat show

This week’s running:

Tues – 3 miles before work
Wed – 3.5  miles before work
Thurs 3.5  miles before work
Sat  –  5k  mile Race + 8 miles
Weekly Running Goal = 21 miles 
March  Monthly Running Goal = 70 miles, a race, hm training

Yearly Running Goal = 1011 miles

Happy Running!

One thought on “Goals for the Week and Brain Exchange #30

  1. Funny – my first shoes were a fleet feet suggestion as well… Sauconys! I have stuck with them over the past 3 years. I kind of want to go back and get refitted again and see if there are any other suggestions although they are working pretty well for me.


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