Annie’s Quest 5k



My training for this race was the same as the last one – treadmill at the gym on Monday & Thursday before work for about 30-40 minutes watching tv on my iPod. I haven’t increased my speed above 4.2 mph so I’m running pretty slow and only about 2 miles or so.  I would run longer but I have to get to work. I have decided that I like running in the morning better.

I ran this race last year.  I remember thinking that it was very hilly but after last week I thought I’d feel differently.  I bumped into the 3 sisters that I met at the last race.  They are so nice… but they decided to do the 3k walk instead of the run.

It was cold!!!! Maybe 40 degrees if that.  I didn’t know what to wear but I remembered that last year, my hands were cold so I wore gloves. I also wore the long sleeve cool max shirt from the Bruegger’s race & a windbreaker.  I wore shorts (I think I was the only one). Actually I wasn’t cold while I was running.

Yes, it was hilly.  The 1st 3/4 mile was uphill and the middle was slightly hilly.  The end was downhill mostly.  I felt good and didn’t walk at all.  I only stopped when I dropped my glove and for water. Obviously was not running fast up the hills and crossed the finish line around 31:20.  I’m not sure.

The strange thing was that there was no chip timing like last year.  They didn’t rip off the bottom of the numbers.  You just wrote your time on a piece of paper & put it in a box.  I wonder how many people were honest.

They only announced the first place man & woman and raffle prize winners.

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