TT: Tips for Running During Vacation

Not all my vacations are race-cations.  I do go on a vacation where there is no race and/or where my family or friends are not runners.

Image result for ecard vacation running

The photos below were taken during a vacation with my tennis friends where I ran almost everyday.

Here’s FIVE Tips to use if you are hoping to run during a vacation:

1.Be prepared.  

Bring clothes for all weather conditions.

Some winter vacations may have 80 degree temps and but many could have freezing temps!!

Fla in Feb.

and Feb in Fla!!

2.Schedule your runs.

If you leave it to chance, it won’t happen.

I often have to run in my tennis clothes

or then play tennis in my running shoes!

3.Be flexible.

Sometimes other persons’ needs or desires will come before your running.

I definitely have to be more flexible when traveling with my hubby. (Maybe that’s why we don’t travel together often. lol).

4.Find a scenic route.

Pretty views make all the difference.

Sunrises are my particular favorite.

5.Lower your expectations.

Distance & speed goals will probably not happen.

Just RUN for FUN.

Can anyone guess where I am here?

Bonus Tip. (Thanks to Erica for reminding me about this) If you are not familiar with the area, sign up for a Running Tour

It’s the best way to see the city and get your running done at the same time.

during a running tour of Central Park (NYC)

or ask for recommendations (from the hotel concierge or local running store) for a safe route to run.

running in a park on the outskirts of Paris

Happy Running! Do you run when you go on vacation? Any tips to add? Please share.


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22 thoughts on “TT: Tips for Running During Vacation

  1. I love those two Florida photos! Yes, the weather can play tricks on us!

    One tip I learned last year in Italy was to check the Garmin website. They have running routes of several locations around the world that you can download on your watch. Very handy!

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  2. It’s only in recent years that I’ve made it a priority to run while traveling. Besides, there’s no better way to see a new place than in your running shoes 😉 As you know, I’m a hopeless sunrise addict, LOL, so I always try to capture as many pics of sunrises as possible (though sunsets can be just as beautiful).

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  3. I planned to bring running gear with me on trips, and did for Spain. I really enjoyed running there and would love to go running to explore areas while on holiday. Now it won’t happen but I always go for walks when I’m away and will continue doing that.
    A running tour sounds like a brilliant idea! Do they offer them in many places?

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    • Walking is a great idea. I do that a lot when it’s too hot to run.

      Most big cities offer running tours. They’re great especially if you are new to a city.


  4. I love to run when on vacation, just to explore a new place. I actually like it better than running a race. I did a lot of exploring in California when visiting my sister. The best thing was that because of the time change, I was up and out the door and back from my run when they were just getting up! That way I didn’t conflict with any plans.

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  5. I love running on vacation! I usually wake up early and go before everyone else starts their day. While I do like exploring new places on my runs, sometimes I will run on the treadmill if its dark and I’m not familiar with the area.

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  6. As you’re already aware, running on vacation is something I love to do. I see places I probably would not otherwise see, if just driving by in the car, so I love how I can really explore a place. I like to plan routes using Google Maps, if I’m going to be running from where I’m staying. Your tip of getting running routes from a local running store is also good, but I’ve had bad luck asking hotel concierges. They probably just weren’t runners themselves.

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    • Yes you are great exploring new places.

      I’ve asked hotel clerks and have gotten nowhere too.

      Google is my best friend.


  7. Yes, i love running while on vacation! I love exploring new neighborhoods, and I have the AllTrails app so I can look for different trails. I’m driving my daughter up toe Tallahassee in June for camp, and I’m already trying to figure out where I’m going to run. I hope you’re enjoying the Florida sunshine right now!

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  8. I love all these tips for running while on vacation! The few times I traveled for work, I would call the hotel a few days before my trip and ask if they had any running paths nearby. That always helped me get in a few outdoor runs while traveling.

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