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It’s time for a What Am I Loving Now post so that’s my topic this week.

1. Before Work Monday Runs

I am usually in the office on Mondays, getting ready to travel or train the rest of the week.  So all of a sudden, I decided to drag myself out of bed before work and RUN.

It is cooler in the morning and it just makes my day a whole lot better. It also frees up evenings to do other things.

2. Wednesday Ice Cream Runs

Thanks to a running friend (and former tennis team member), on Wednesday evenings, there is an organized run each week, ending at a different ice cream shop.

Yes, run some miles and re-carb load.  A no brainer!

3. Thursday Trail Runs

Our local running club (ARE) organizes runs on different local trails every week. Until recently, I was too nervous to partake.

Well, I didn’t fall and wasn’t last.  Trail running IS fun!

4. Long Run Saturdays

I love ALL my running friends and they have gotten me through quite a few long runs.

But even better than the runs, are the conversations had over brunch afterward.

5. Boating Sundays 

Because they follow Long Run Saturdays, there is nothing better for the legs than

relaxing on an island

or on the boat…

or at the marina.

Happy Running! What are you loving right now?  Please share.


12 thoughts on “Loving

  1. Yay for joining the running group and those ice cream runs!

    This weekend might be the last weekend we will have on our boat ( unless we take it to a different lake). I assume that picture is from lake George? How late in the year can boaters put their boat in up there? Also, what is that fancy steamboat in the background?

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    • We can boat from our marina until Oct 13. Yes that is Lake George.

      There are big steam boats from the village that offer visitors rides on the lake.

      So sad that summer is coming to an end.


  2. I love that you are converting yourself to being a morning runner on weekdays. I also love how many awesome ice cream runs you and your buddies have! Wish we could make that happen here, hmmm. Now you’ve got me thinking. 🙂

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