Weekly Run Down for 7.22.19-7.28.19: The Cool Down


Yes. It finally cooled down – at least the temps did and we got rain. And it was also WEEK 4 for NYCM Training so my training did not cool down.

Last Week

  • Monday – Based on rain in the forecast and a tennis party after work, I decided that I would run before work. Easier said than done. Took 45 min to get it together but I got out there and it was delightful.

my cat waited in the driveway for me to get back from my run …so cute.

Rain cancelled the pool party but instead we just went out to dinner. As always, an enjoyable evening with great friends.

  • Tuesday More rain and a scheduled rest day because of an after work webinar and running planned for the next two days. Believe or not, I actually stopped for a quick workout at the gym on my way home.
  • Wednesday – I decided to skip the SOAR group run (I wasn’t in the mood for speed drills) and enlisted my friend Heidi to accompany me at the Corning bike path. I ran 3 miles and then walked 3 miles with her.

  • Thursday – I guess I’m addicted to trail runs. It was my third week in a row attending the ARE group run. This week it was held at Lawson Lake and was the muddiest and most challenging one so far.  Still lots of friends, fun and food.

ran some, walked a lot but enjoyed the company of my friends and the BBQ after!!

  • Friday – Rest day and mah jongg evening. But I did take a walk during lunch…a productive one…bought my FIRST pair of Oofos (30% off), and some cute tops on sale at the Loft.

Related image

  • Saturday – Long run Saturday with the Sole Sisters. 10 miles on my schedule. As I did last weekend, I ran a few miles before I met everyone else and drove with Barbara to the Nisky Bike Path and ran more (followed by brunch, of course.)

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday on Lake George – Hooray and another sunny warm perfect day. The storms that they predicted never arrived.

this week on Log Bay Island

37 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 7.22.19-7.28.19: The Cool Down

  1. I wish I could switch to trail running it always looks so peaceful. I fear I will kill myself out there! We had lots of rain last week too but I kind of liked it bc it was so much cooler. Another full week of activity for you!


    • I hesitated about trail running for years but I actually like it. That being said if it looks dangerous, I do walk which is why I would never waste money and pay for a trail race.


  2. Great week of training! We had a lot of rain too, especially on Monday. I’m hoping the weather is not as rainy this week.


  3. Funny, my colleague who went to Lake George for the weekend got the awful storms on her drive back to Albany for the train.
    Love your Monday night shirt
    I like running before work, but Monday mornings are just not a thing I can do. Yay kitty cheering squad


    • I am liking trails as well…so peaceful and scenic and soft on the feet. I like the Oofos but I also love my Crocs (which are cheaper).


  4. That’s so sweet that your cat was out waiting for you after your run 🙂 Are you liking the Oofos? I have like three pairs now, home, work, and outside. Clearly I’m a fan.


    • Yes I do like the Oofos. They are pricey but I would be tempted to get another pair (on sale) if I didn’t have so many pairs of Crocs already (which I like too).


  5. It looks like marathon training is going well! I love that your kitty waits for you outside. My girls have to stay strictly indoors! I’m glad you’re enjoying the trails – I just find them to be so peaceful!

    Currently not training for anything at the moment but trying to keep up with running 1-2 days a week, depending on the weather. I can’t wait for this summer to end – I’m miserable!


    • Oh no. I hope you find some way to enjoy the summer months. At least (for you) they are short).

      Glad to hear that you are still running even though there is no big race on the horizon. I bet there will be one soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Good for you on the trail running 😉 It’s definitely a different kind of running workout, but great for working some different muscles.I love my Oofos!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup. It’s a nice change of pace. And you can only take advantage in the summer for these group runs. Glad I took the plunge.


  7. Your cat is so cute! I love that you had a welcome committee!

    I am so excited to say we have signed up for a Stadium 5K in a couple of weeks. I always love running with my family and it’s going to be a great night.


  8. How do you like our OOfos? I actually have five pairs and had two more that I traded in for bigger sizes for my sons! I have the clogs that I sometimes wear at work, but they don’t breathe very well so I prefer the flip flops and slides.


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