TOTR: Racing Mistakes

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Today’s Belated Topic is: Racing Mistakes

If you have raced, you have made a mistake or two or ten.

I race a lot, so you can imagine all the mistakes, I’ve made.

I have so many that I have to divide them into categories –

Before –

  • Not training properly.
  • Not training on hills for a hilly race.
  • Dressing too warmly
  • Not dressing warm enough
  • Not using the facilities before
  • Not bringing throw a ways for cold race starts
  • Not bringing a bag to check for clothes after the race
  • Not carb loading the night before a big race
  • Eating the wrong foods the night before a big race
  • Wearing something new
  • Not lubricating and getting chafed
  • Not using sunscreen and getting burned
  • Putting too many miles on the feet the day before a big race
  • Arriving late for a race
  • Not charging your watch
  • Not starting your watch
  • Not DNSing when injured

During –

  • Not hydrating enough
  • Not fueling enough
  • Eating the wrong fuel
  • Starting out too fast
  • Walking too often
  • Mentally giving up on a race
  • Not DNFing when injured

After –

  • Not hydrating
  • Not re-fueling
  • Not stretching
  • Dwelling on a disappointing finish time

I would like some do-overs on these races (and others):

Happy Running!  Have you made any of the above racing mistakes?  Any others?

3 thoughts on “TOTR: Racing Mistakes

  1. So far I have always managed to charge my watch. I have definitely under and over dressed at times. And I have liberally lubed and STILL chafed. And there’s still that one & only blister . . . but not during a race.


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