Running Update:12.25.17-12.31.17


Last week – 

  • Monday –  Christmas Day and snow had fallen.  A lot of snow and it was windy. No running for me. Instead it was off to my mentee to exchange gifts with her and her two sons.

Amanda’s BF, Amanda, Richard (11), Matthew (6)

Of course, later in the day, it was time to celebrate with the family.

  • Tuesday – Another rest day because I was scheduled to play tennis in the evening.

that’s me in the far court

Besides it was freezing! I almost bit the bullet and used the treadmill where I play tennis. But the gym there was closed due to renovations. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

they could renovate it in the summer when no one plays tennis indoors….

  • Wednesday – Single digits or not, I had to get outside for some miles. But my hands were so cold even with two pairs of gloves that I had to cut the run short.

  • Thursday –  Well, it was even colder today!! Didn’t let it stop me. “I will survive!!”

again I cut my run short for fear of frost bite or hyperthermia

  • Friday – The cold weather continued but it was a rest day and an evening out for mah jongg (finally)
  • Saturday – Although it was cold, there was little wind and it was lightly snowing. So it felt rather nice to be out there.

I could have run longer but didn’t want to be late for brunch and it turned out I was early. Mittens helped keep my hands warm today.

I tried to convince the Wineglass ladies to brave our arctic temps and run with me. Nope, they stayed local or indoors to run but we did meet after for brunch.

  • Sunday –  A rest day but celebrated New Year’s Eve with the hubby, tennis friends, good food, music and dancing.

Next Week

  • Monday HMRRC Winter Series #2 – 3.5M race   cancelled due to the cold temps, 4 miles?
  • Tuesday rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday –  drive to Buffalo, rest day
  • Thursday – drive home from Buffalo, rest day
  • Friday3 mile run?, mah jongg
  • Saturday6-8 mile run
  • Sunday – rest day, day in NYC

Please link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? How are dealing with the frigid temps? Please share.


5 thoughts on “Running Update:12.25.17-12.31.17

  1. Nice job in the cold! I agree that mittens are better than gloves. That is what I like to snow ski with. Your mentee’s sons are getting so big. I can remember when they were little! Happy New Year and thanks for linking!


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