Friday Five 2.0 – Hmmm.

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

The topic for today is: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

1. Pit Stops in an Open Field

Yes, there were port-a-potties at the start of my recent half marathon but many women just pulled their pants down, bared their butts in an open field for everyone to see!!

2. Bra and Short Shorts in 30 degree temps

Yes, I saw this at my recent race.   There was only ONE.  That tells you something and she didn’t win the race.

3. Walkers Standing Up Front at the Start Line

This happened at my last 5k. Granted it was high school kids but someone should tell them about race etiquette.

4. Chip Timing but Age Group Awards By Gun Time

My friend and I was discussing this at the 5k I just mentioned.  If they have the technology to record chip times why not list the finish times in this order and reward racers appropriately.  This would discourage runners from lining up in the front if they run at a slower pace.

5. Coke at the end of a Race

Maybe during the race for the caffeine?

Yes, this was offered at the end of my recent half.  I had water and chocolate milk.  But is there any nutritional value to Coke?

Wegman’s  sponsored the post race food.  They could offer better.

Happy Running! What has made  you recently go hmmmm?

19 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0 – Hmmm.

  1. Luckily they weren’t doing that back where I was — or I didn’t notice it. I don’t remember the Coke, either, but simple carbs can be good after a race (not that that’s how I want to get them, but everyone is different).

    The good thing about racing is more people do it these days. The bad thing about racing is more people — clueless people — do it these days. I mean, I was once clueless, too, but I’ve always tried to be very considerate of the people around me.


  2. Coke is my favorite after a half marathon. I don’t eat much during and I don’t like food after, so it’s a quick easy way to get calories in. (Plus, I love the stuff and only allow myself to drink it after long runs and races.)

    Walkers at the front drive me crazy. My husband lined up around the 3rd row for a recent 5K and there was a mom holding the hand of her young child right in front of him. What was she thinking????


  3. Maybe the coke is for anyone who needs some quick sugar. 30 degrees is a little cold for a sports bra! I will wear shorts when it is in the 30s but on top I am bundled up- long sleeve, vest, gloves, hat. I know that’s kind of ridiculous but I only have one pair of winter running pants and they are super thick, so they’re only good when it’s like low 30s or colder. Have a great weekend!


  4. I actually have had Coke (or Pepsi) after a race, and I think it’s great! The sugar is SO satisfying and the carbonation works a little magic on the tummy. Not everyone’s gig, though. 😉 But do NOT try handing me a beer (choke, gag, puke)…totally cannot do that LOL


  5. Help me to understand peeing in the middle of a field?

    Coke is actually great for settling the stomach plus it has sugar and hydrates. I recommend it to all my patients with the stomach flu. It’s not my first choice for a post race beverage (unlike Kim I do like a post race beer) but it does taste good!


  6. Ok I have to disagree with both Kim and Wendy. Coke? Blah! It’s such a garbage beverage!! There are so many better options than that.

    But I will take a beer. And I don’t really even drink. 🙂

    I would also consider baring my butt if I had to pee really bad. Porta potties totally disgust me.


  7. Wow! I don’t think I’ve never seen women squat to pee in the open field. Maybe in the woods… AG awards by gun time just don’t make any sense to me. If there’s chip timing, it should be across the board.


  8. I used to have a 6-pack a day Coke habit. Now I only want it when my stomach is upset or when I’m really overheated. I might want one after a hot summer race. Luckily I rarely have to use the port-a-potty’s mid-race, let alone a field!


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