TOTR: Running Items for Non-Running Activities

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This week’s Topic is: What running items do you use for non-running activities?


I wear my running clothes esp. my skirts to play tennis.  I wore skirts to play tennis long before I wore skirts to run. So it’s a no-brainer to wear them now to run, as well.



I wear my running shoes when I take a walk.  Comfort is key, as well as preserving my (old) feet.


Handheld Water Bottle –

I use my Nathan Handheld whenever I go for a hike. I usually do NOT use it to run because I can loop my runs and return to get a drink.  You can’t do that when you are hiking nor are there drinking fountains on a mountain.


Of course, anytime I need a pick me up at work, I grab a bar (even if it is a rest day.)

Image result for nature's Bakery fig barsGPS Watch –

If I am not racing, I do not track my pace.  However, I wear my Apple Watch all the time and it does come in handy if I want to track the distance when running a new route.

Running-Related Podcasts (on my iPhone) –

Of course, I have downloaded them to listen to when I am running alone. (My favorites are listed here.)  But when I travel for work, I often listen to them while driving.

Happy Running! Do you use running items when not running?


18 thoughts on “TOTR: Running Items for Non-Running Activities

  1. I use running clothes all the time to walk the dogs and/or hike in.

    I also wear my Garmin 24/7 — it’s my alarm, I track my runs, walks, swims and it reminds me to move when I’ve been sitting too long.

    And now I can’t find my charger and it has almost no charge! Unfortunately it’s not just a simple USB cable. 😦


    • It depends on the hike. If it is muddy or a lot of climbing, I wouldn’t wear expensive running skirts.

      I charge my Apple watch nightly and it also has a special cable. I hope you find yours.

      I have several gps watches and they all have different cables.

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      • We haven’t done any strenuous hiking. Easy to moderate — gotta think about the dogs!

        The charger is still MIA. I know I charged it Friday night. I can’t even begin to think what happened to it. Lloyd has been working in the kitchen because our overhead light decided to die, and it will attach itself to anything metallic, but he doesn’t remember seeing it anywhere and we looked through his tool box. 😦

        It wouldn’t be so bad if I had charged it up Sunday! I’ve ordered a replacement, but I use it for a lot more than just running.


  2. Except for my running shoes, which I’ll wear when I’m walking a lot (like when we visit a theme park), I really don’t use my running gear for anything other than running.


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