TOTR: Summer Running Gear

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Today’s Topic is: Summer Running Gear

It’s finally that time of year.  I thought summer weather would never arrive!!

So here’s what I need to run in the summer months:

  • Shirts (or tanks) made of breathable fabric – no cotton!!

I’m not partial to any brand – Nike, C9, SkirtSports…

  • Skirts. I find them cooler than shorts and less chafing.

and yes, I love SkirtSports. They are cool, comfortable and have 2 pockets!!

  • Cap to keep the sun out of my face. It also keeps my (unruly) hair off my neck.

I prefer baseball caps instead of visors.

  • Sunglasses. My eyes are very sensitive to the sun and I wear contacts so this helps if it is breezy, as well.

I like light weight glasses and they don’t have to be expensive because I lose them or break t hem.

  • Cool Max Socks – I am prone to blisters so this is important to me.

Balega and Feetures are my favorites.

  • Water Bottle – It may not be necessary when the temps are cooler but you should drink before you get thirsty.  Dehydration is no fun.

I like my Nathan hand held bottle (see below:)

  • Insect Repellent – Mosquitos seem to always find me and if you run in areas where there are ticks, you should always have bug spray on hand.

  • Body Glide – Don’t forget that if you chafe, in the summer when you sweat, you chafe even more.

  • Sunscreen I always use it on my face but am pretty lax on the rest of my body once I have a tan.  But if  you are prone to sunburn, don’t forget to apply it and re-apply it if you sweat a lot.

Image result for kiss my face sunscreen

Happy Running! Any additions that you would add to this list?


11 thoughts on “TOTR: Summer Running Gear

    • I know. I worry about wrinkles which is why my face is more important for sunscreen. Lol.

      I don’t sweat much. I’ve never needed electrolytes but I know many runners do.

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  1. My favorite part of summer running (at least on Saturdays, with our group) are the ice cold washcloths to help cool down with afterward. But yeah, everything you listed is both necessary and helpful.


  2. I still have not tried running in a skirt – maybe I’ll check out some options for this summer? Now that summer is here, it’s gonna be a long, tough few months!


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