The Ultimate Runner’s Acronym List

Ted Spiker recently wrote an article in RW about funny running acronyms. His instructions are to edit the answers to reflect your running life.

My answers are below. Feel free to re-post or answer in a comment.

  • DNS: Did Not Start—yes

Unfortunately most were injury-related and a few were weather-related.


  • DNF: Did Not Finish—no

I’ve always finished (even when I shouldn’t have).

5k finisher!

even with a metatarsal stress fracture

  • DNRTAL: Did Not Remember To Apply Lubeno

Don’t hate me but I don’t chafe.

Not yet. Hopefully never.

  • FFF: Finished Freaking First—no

No way. No How. Most likely never.

I’ve never run a marathon and if I did, I still would not BQ.

  • DQ: Didn’t Quit—yes

As I said about DNF, I always finish races.

good thing I kept those critches

even when I broke my foot at mile 1 of a 5k.

  • POPOPOP: Pancake on Pancake on Pancake on Pancake—yes

Love my carbs.

  • LYORP: Liked Your Own Race Photo—yes

There have been quite a few that I have liked.

  • WAMTD: Wore a Medal to Dinner—no

I am usually with non-runners or I don’t eat in a restaurant after a half marathon. (I would have last weekend if they gave medal for the 5k.)

  • BTW: Bemoaned the Weather—yes

Often.  I’ve run in too many races where it has rained!


  • SSP: Shared Shoe Photos—yes


No, Thank God. I did feel like it a few times including my last 5k.

  • PR: Personal Record—yes

They are harder to come by but I did this year in the half and last year in the 4m, 5m and 15K.


heading for a 15k PR

But I’ve taken a pic with Frank Shorter, Joan Samuelson and Deena Kastor.

  • CRAP: Certifiably Ruined a Porta-Pottyno
  • LOL: Leaked On Leg—no
  • OMG: Ordered Many GUs—no

But I have bought many many GUs.  I don’t order them online because I like to eat only certain flavors and a variety of them.

5 vanilla Gu & 5 chocolate Gu - my favorites

caramel machiatto & salted caramel are my faces. – my favorites

  • BFF: Blessed with Fast Feet—no

I wish! I have to work at it!

  • LMAO: Lunged My Ass Off—no

Who does lunges?? LOL.

  • LMFAO: Lunged My Fat Ass Off—no
  • BRB: Blisters Rubbed Bloody—yes

Unfortunately during a few half marathons.IMG_5904

  • WTF: Waddled Through Finish—no

I’m sure that I would if I ran 26.2 miles.

  • IDK: Injured Damn Kneeno

Knock on wood.  My knees are fine.  (Hear that you non-runners!)

I have bruised one but so far have never lost one.  I attribute it to buying large enough running shoes.  (I wear a size 7 shoe and 8.5 running shoe.)

  • GPBAJ: Got Passed By a Jogglerno

Not sure.  I did get passed by someone carrying a pizza box.

Happy Running!  Feel free to answer any of the above.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Runner’s Acronym List

  1. In the U.K. We normally say ‘personal best’ PB rather than ‘personal record’ PR. In medicine PR means ‘per rectum’ and often refers to sticking your finger ….you know where! So I always have a childish giggle when someone talks about their PR!


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