Wednesday Word: Physical

Deb Runs

Every Wednesday, the Deb from Deb Runs will be providing a word about which to blog. Kind of like a nice little blog prompt. Posts can be fitness or health related, but don’t have to be, so really anyone can play along. Just be sure to link up with InLinkz on Deb’s main post, and share the love by reading and commenting on other’s participant’s posts.

Today’s word is Physical.

Of course, the first thing I thought of with this word was this:

Wow, that was 35 years ago?

And that may have been my first time getting “physical.”

I did NOTHING athletic growing up.  Just those nasty physical fitness tests in gym class.

In college, there was just drinking and dancing.  (I took bowling and Israeli dance as my required PE classes.)

I was lucky to not have a weight problem so I never thought about getting involved in anything related to physical fitness.

When this song came out, my bff and I decided to take an Aerobics class at a local community center. It was fun.  We moved and did steps & stretching to music.

I think at some point in my 30’s, I joined a gym.  I went occasionally but that didn’t last.

Fast forward to my 40’s.  A co-worker and I met every evening to go for a walk.  This was our version of doing something “physical.”  Then one day, we decided to take an adult ed class at a local high school – Intro. to Tennis.

We were just awful.  But somehow, I got hooked.  Not on the physical part but on meeting great people and being part of a community – the tennis community.

So I took lessons, got better, joined numerous tennis teams and played ALL THE TIME.

In fact, I met my current hubby in 1996 while playing tennis.

at Nationals in Palm Spring – 2002

Then came my 50’s. I was still playing tennis but it was starting to be more social than competitive.

One day my tennis friend suggested that we join No Boundaries and learn to run.

FRW - 2008

One of my first races

Almost immediately I signed up for races. As my one friend remarked this past weekend. You seemed to have found your niche with running.

Almost there!

As so I guess I have. It’s my physical. It has even motivated me to do other physical things such as yoga, the gym, walking, hiking so I can be a better runner.


And though I hated those physical fitness tests when I was  young, I now realize how important it is to be physically fit.

Happy Running! 


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Physical

  1. My mom and I use to be members of the Tennis Club and I loved playing. We stopped paying membership one summer because we thought it was silly to pay during the summer when we could play for free at our local outdoor court. Well, that was years ago and I haven’t even played since. Your post reminds me how much I enjoyed tennis. My time is so limited now that I couldn’t even fit in both tennis and running now. Good for you for finding all these physical activities that you enjoy! Glad your friend convinced you to sign up for the running group!


  2. Your race pictures always make me smile- you always have this happy, but just a little mischievous little look going LOL
    That is so cool you started walking and that led to tennis.
    It is funny how running will motivate one to do many things.


  3. I took Aerobics as a PE class in college and had to choreograph a workout to music. I got an “A”! I also took swimming (and don’t remember a thing!).

    It’s funny how one thing leads to another…to another. You never know what may interest you next.


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